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[the meat industry solutions to plant]In this city-○, the citys four-ring restrictions in the four rings in the city restrictions on all kinds of land-adjusted commodities, and the reporters of the reporters of the reporter▽▪, the four-ring extension line▲☆•, Changan Street extension line, “two axes☆…□◁”☆◁•, The residential commercial housing will be restricted to restrict all kinds of land adjustment properties▷▽◇. The reporter learned from the Municipal Planning Land to the Land Commission that “the positive and negative list of the use of the construction project planning-○” has been released, which is the first time the city has “negative list☆•” on the nature of the city. At the core area: Restrict all kinds of land “transformation” large-scale commercial city planning Landsis International Commission, “Beijing City Master Plan (2016 – 2035)”, play the decisive role of market configuration resources, according to encouraging dissection, non-capital Function, encouragement to supplement the short board to encourage the improvement of the regi.

Original title: Guo Shengwei attended the National Immigration Administration listing ceremony: Let “National Gate Business Card★△” shine more on April 2, the National Immigration Authority, the listing ceremony of the Immigration Administration of the Peoples Republic of China. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Guo Sheng, secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee of the Central Committee▪▼●◁. Hao Fan took the National Immigration Authority, the listing ceremony of the Peoples Republic of China Entry Administration Bureau was held on March 2. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Guo Sheng□-◆, secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee of the Central Committee. In accordance with the “Deepening Party and National Institutions Reform Plan”, the Ministry of Public Securitys entry and exit management☆▼, the border inspection duties, establish and improve the visa management coordination mechanism-▷=▼, form the National Immigration Authority▼…, and the Peoples Republic of China Entry into the Authority, by the public security Department management. Guo Shengwei pointed out when attending the listing ceremony, forming a national moveme.

Original title-•☆: Philippine network betting survey tracking Domestic intermediary stop recruitment accepted police asking Yesterday◁-, the victory group No. 37 launched a survey report “Incidents Philippine Network Gaming: Specialist Chinese Cancer=□▼”, “Overseas Gambling Group Recruitment Staring in the University In the report, the reporter was recruited through domestic intermediary company, as a new employee entered the Pearl Building – a “Specialist Chinese” Network Gambling Group. There-▽▽○, employees are deducted by passport▪★○△, fine, and beat is a frequent event••▼★. Among them, many domestic college students have been deceived to the work of ▽△”Tibetan Internet Gambling” through intermediary companies•••. After reporting○▽, some netizens confirmed that they have been introduced to the Fitness work before. During the period▽○, there was an employee from Sichuan■…▼, because of the transfer of working materials to private mobile phones▷□•★, and by the company to steal the compa.

Original title●◆: Smoking in the train will ban 180 days Guangzhou Daily News (Full Media Reporter Lu Mengqian) Five, in the train smokers will ban 180 days, the Yue Station, the hotel refuses to make up the ticket will be completed after completing the ticket I can take again again●★☆◆. Recently◇☆, the National Development and Reform Commission■■, the Central Civilization Office, the Supreme Peoples Court○•, the Ministry of Finance☆▷=▪, the Human Resources and Social Security, the Taxation Administration★★•■, the Securities Regulatory Commission, the Railway Corporation issued “Regarding the appropriate restrictions within a certain period of time, the specific serious person is taken to take the train to promote the society=-•. Opinions on the construction of credit system, all fields need to be included in the list of lost entertainment people in the high-level seat of the train to the national credit information sharing platform◁=, and push to the railway head office□△○. Responsible for seriously affecting railway operation safety and production safety and specific serious falcipants limit their ride within a certain period of ti☆-! packageable protein powder industry bovine collagen peptides headaches and nausea About Us protein denaturation in food industry capsule gelatin,