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[china bulk gelatin]Xinhua News Agency, Beijing April 17, the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee-▼●■, the Second Committee of the National Peoples Congress◁◁◆, held on the morning of the 17th. The meeting decided that the second meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress was held in Beijing on April 25th to 27th○▽. Chairman of the Sui Bank presided over the meeting. The Committee of the Committee recommends that the agenda of the Second Meeting of the Thirteen National Peoples Congress Standing Committee is to consider the draft of the peoples jurus★▼○, the draft hero martyrs protection law; consider the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Chairman Conference on the Committee on the Committee on the Committee on the Committee on the State Council The proposed proposal of the draft decision of the administrative organ duties•□…●, etc •-.◇=◁●; consideration of the Supreme Peoples Court on the discussion on the decision of the Drafts of the Decision on the establishment of a financial court in Shanghai=□; review the State Councils report on the 2017 environmental conditions and environmental protection targe▲▼▪▷?

Original title-●◁◇: pay attention! Tomorrows ozone is coming△△○■, wearing a mask is useless pectin vitamin gummy◇◁△-! A rainfall washed away from the hot weather, but the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau predicted that tomorrow (June 4), ozone will become the primary pollutant of Beijing Air△•★○. Not only Beijing★●, according to the national air quality forecast for the National Air Quality Forecast of the Eco-Environment■◇▽●, the influence of continuous high temperature and near the ground, most of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei▽•=, most of Shandong and some urban cities in Henan Province may Ozone is lighter to moderate pollution△…△. In addition◆●◁, from June 4-15◇○, the primary pollutants in my countrys long triangle, South China, northwest and northeast areas have ozone. Why is the weather that is warm, the sun is bright-△, the ozone will not ask? It hazards the human body, how is the current situation of ozone pollution in my country? Global annu△△▲.

Original title: The national office sent more than 180 staff members ☆●□△”listening to” two sessions, what they all heard? There is such a group of people in the two sessions. They are neither a representative of the Peoples Congress nor a member of the CPPCC. They are from the national office. During the national two sessions in 2018, the Office of the State Council sent more than 180 staff members to the National Peoples Congress, the Committee of the CPPCC, and listened to the records of the representative committee. Listening records are not simple…▪•. According to the national requirements, these records must ensure that the content “original juice” is closely to =▲”dry goods” “hard goods○□”▪-=. Also at 12:30 per day, the first time will be summarized in the morning and afternoon record○☆△▪, many of the information will be reported to the “leaders of the State Council for the first-handed” report. Sea amount of opinion suggestion★○=▽, how to summarize, how to summari○-◆▲.

Original title: Subsidy to the private school, close to the education coupon system to buy a degree in the private school, and the big probability will improve the scale of the educational expenditure, make up for the gap between the national and public average education funds▷△▷, which in turn promotes the equalization of education. ▲ Source: Xinhua News Agency Nie Jiming Recently○◁◁, Shenzhen▪=☆, in part, the deputy of the deputy of the private primary and secondary schools•…★, and the non-depth family holding a residential certificate will begin to apply for the 2018 degree subsidy▲◆. As early as 2012, Shenzhen began a student who met the customers compliance education to study the private school to give degree subsidies-◆. In 2017●◆…•, the subsidies will be increased to primary schools per year to 7,000 yuan per year○◆■=, and each child is up to 9,000 yuan per year. Compulsory education is the basic public service of the city, providing compulsory education requires cost. ear marine fish collagen peptide◆△…■ Pectin manufacturer gelatin coating protocol, moti protein industries ltd!

Original title: Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway First-class special fare will increase the second-class fare unchanged this morning, Beijing Evening News reporter confirmed from China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co☆….•●, Ltd▪…., Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway will be May From the 28th, the price of high-level Siki and the second-class seat will be adjusted. After adjustment, the first fare of Beijing South Railway Station to Tianjin Station will rise from 65.5 yuan to 88 yuan; the special ticket price will rise from 93.5 yuan to 99 yuan. However, this fare adjustment does not involve Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Second Suit, Beijing South Railway Station to Tianjin Station Second-class fare is still 54.5 yuan△…. Previously•●, the China Railway Corporation issued news that on May 27, 2018▼○, the railway transportation enterprises will be based on the price laws and regulations, and further considering the difference in travel comfort and operating cost?