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[protein bars industry][Changsheng Biology: Bai Bai Bai production workshop has been suspended will formulate practical corrective actions] Changsheng creatures Reply to deep, at present, the company has been discontinued, and the company is actively studying Bai Bai breaking the vaccine and Basic multi-vaccine. For the incident, we feel very self-blaming, once again expressed deep apologies to the vacculvers and investors. The company will lead to the ring, to give a non-feasible corrective measures to make thorough rectification□◇□◁, ensure the production of compliance, authenticity, reliability, traceability=•△○, and the safety of vaccine. [Kangtai Biology responded △◆”The King of Vaccine” report: the current product quality stability] Kangtai Biology issued a clarification announcement on the network related report◁•, “the king of the vaccine” is n.

China New Network May 28 (Chen Jing Li Dong) For diabetic patients and doctors☆▽•○, diabetes diagnosis can not be ▪-▽•”headache medicine head===, and foot pain” is so simple. The reporter learned on the 28th that Shanghai medical institutions explored the establishment of “Diabetic Foot Multi-learning Diagnosis and Treatment Center◁▷•”, providing patients with efficient, integrated ▼■▪”one-stop” diagnosis and treatment, while helping early detection and diagnosis of diabetes high-risk patients. In the 28th, the hospital “Diabetes Foot Multiology Diagnosis and Treatment Center☆●▼-” in the Ocean District of Ruijin Hospital, the reporter learned that for diabetic patients, terrible is diabetes complications, one of which is diabetes. Diabetic foot is due to the prolonged period of diabetic patients, high blo.

Original title: [Follow] A major opportunity! Chinas field is 7 trillion, a good time to be a good time▪■• collagen tripeptide – halal capsules. trends in protein industry chicken collagen type ii sigma! In the 21st century▪…▷, human beings began to develop large-scale development and utilization of oceans, which is also the best in the history of Chinas maritime industry. In the past five years, the annual growth rate of Chinas marine economy is 7▷▪=•.44%, which is higher than 3□=○▲.8 percentage points in the world economy growth. Chinas ocean product has exceeded 7 trillion yuan for the first time. Least 14,000 kilometers of coastline▪▪▼, 3 million square kilometers of marine land▲△★◁, never like this○○△, and the countrys development and peoples lives are so close. From the sea granary to sea oil and gas fields. From the sea water, to the sea wind field. The ocean is providing power in Chinas economy. The first domestic aircraft carrier is water; the first time I can use the ice and try the success; the innovative development▲▽•△.

China New Jingwei Client May 26 (Fu Yumei) Data disputes in Tesla Wei rights events ushered in the latest progress. On the 25th, Tesla officially released an announcement on social media, and the company has established data centers in China to achieve data storage localization and will increase more local data centers☆■▷▲. All data generated in the mainland market selling vehicles will be stored in China. Not long ago•◇▷▲, the National Internet Information Office issued “Several Regulations on Automobile Data Safety Management (Draft for Comment)” (hereinafter referred to as “provisions”), and set the safety boundary for the car data▽■▪○. Experts pointed out that Teslas statement will formulate the standardization management of automotive data. Tes.

The Rule of Law of the Rule of Law and the Rule of Law of China s Broadlock (in – depth Study and Implementing the Thought of Xi Jinping s Socialist Socialism. ” Xi Jinpings legal thinking is to achieve a major theoretical innovation result of the national great revival of the Chinese nation, and is the latest achievement of the Chinahua theory of Marxism rule of law. It is the fundamental follow and action guide for the new era. Xi Jinpings legal thinking is to achieve historical achievements in the power of truth▽▷◆▼, unique ideology and great practice, leading my countrys socialist rule of law-◇, has historical change■◇•◁, providing a strong ideological martial arts for struggling to open the rule of law Chi fish collagen peptide india fish collagen peptides market△▲=•!