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Gelatin capsule![bovine collagen peptides vegan]Original title■★◁-: (Rule of Law) Guangdong Jiangmen▷▪▲: The father and son have compared the grassroots regime, and the collective assets were sentenced to Xinhua News Agency■□. The father and son and others form a evil force criminal group to make a basic regime and an invasion of the collective asset final judgment: dismiss the appeal, maintain the original judgment, close, and the concern is divided into prison for 15 years and 5 years. 4 months. In the court◆-, the court has been found○◇▷•. Convenient, for its local engineering construction, production and operation and other economic activitie•=■ whey proteins in food industry!

Original title▪=: Chen Min is a deputy mayor of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, and the Director of Meizhou Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee, Director Tan Jun (right) issued a letter of appointment of Meizhou City△▼◆…, Mayor Chen Min (left). On the morning of April 3, the Standing Committee of the Seventh National Peoples Congress of Meizhou City held the thirteenth meeting★▪▲. The meeting decided to accept Fangli Xu resigned as a request for Mayor of Meizhou Municipal Peoples Government and reported to the Municipal Peoples Congress filed=•. The conference vote passed Chen Min as a deputy mayor of the Meizhou Municipal Peoples Government=■▼, and decided to Chen Mins deputy mayor of the Mayor of Meizhou Municipal Peoples Government. Chen Minqi Chen Min◆-, male◇▷…•, Han nationality, born in December 1965, Jiangsu Wuxi▪▪●, doctoral degree, Ph.D.◁◁, participated in July 1991, joined the Chinese Communist Party in April 1985, is currently the deputy secretary of Meizhou Municipal Committee, Municipal Government vice-may…☆.

National Bureau of Statistics: Industrial Enterprise Production and Management Stable to Higher Profit Fast Growth CCTV News: According to the National Bureau of Statistics○•, the website on May 27th■◇▲, this year▲•, with the further consolidation of co-ordination epidemic prevention and economic and social development▪□…▷, market The demand continues to recover, the production and operation of industrial enterprises is stable○●◁, the total profit continues to be rapidly increased◁◆…-, and the quality of corporate quality is continuously improved○▼. I. The profit of industrial enterprises continues to grow rapidly from January-April, and industrial enterprises above the country have achieved profit of 2594.35 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.06 times, continued to grow rapid growth in the second half of last year; Compared with 2019, profit Increasing 49-◁◆○.6%, two yea protein bar industry challenges fish gelatine halal collagen powder peptides skin whitening!