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Contacts,[melting point of collagen]Original title■◁□…: The two halls named brothers, even in the same position: Changan Street Instructor Anhui Geological Mineral Exploration Bureau Party Committee Secretary▷■, Director Li Zhiwen is suspected of serious violations●◇▪, and is currently being accepted for discipline review and supervision-●. (July 20▼■△, 2018) Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Anhui Provincial Geological Mineral Exploration Bureau, Li Xuewen, was suspected of serious violations, and is currently undergoing organizational investigation. (July 23★=, 2014) The 2 messages released by the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection were almost exactly the same. Look●=◆, just a word – Li Zongwen●-▪, followed by his former Li Xuewen, also planted. Changan Street★▼, Id◆•▽◇: Capitalnews, found that although the two is the same, the name is similar, but it is not a brother. .

Original title: Thailand a passenger plane was damaged by the lightning housing forced to land near the Nanjing machine, the new Beijing News (Reporter Pan Jiao Lu Hai Yan correspondent Hao Shanxi) Today (March 16), the Beijing News reporter from Nanjing Border Inspection Station It is learned that the original scheme is scheduled to fly from Nanjing to Thailand last night☆◆-, because of thunderstorm weather, the engine on one side is shocked, resulting in damage to the shell★•■. After the flight, there were nearly 400 passengers on the airport in Nanjing, and nearly 400 passengers. At present, the flight is still parked in Nanjing Airport, which is expected to take off after tomorrow afternoon-●●•. It is reported that the flight is a fixed travel charter of Thailand Bangkok opened by Thai Cool Bird Airlines. Originally planned on the evening of the 15th to fly from Nanjing to Thailand, due to thunderstorm weather, on one si▽▷ alr industries humapro tabs protein matrix!

Original title: The highest law work reports this 9 sentences, the representative of the Peoples Congress gave applause type ii collagen chicken gelatin pass drug test! Lead Changanjun (ID☆▽▷: Changan-j)▷□-•: On the afternoon of the 9th, the Supreme Peoples Court Zhou Quan Quan strongly intends to •▷”answer○◆★○” in the past five years. The latest reports have a highlight of the highlights, severely punish corruption crimes, correct the wrong case■□•, and maintain the “safety on the tip of the tongue” and other initiatives to respond to the peoples heart. At the meeting site, the highest law work reports this 9 sentences, the representative of the Peoples Congress gave applause fish collagen peptide review◇□! Changan Jun took you first – 1 in accordance with the law to invade the “Wolf Hill Five Strong” The reputation line rights series, and resolutely maintain the hero image▷◇▼◆. 2 Trial “Doctors Elevator to discourage the smoking” “Zhu Zhenzhen to catch up with traffic accident”, so that the behavior of the law and public interest is encounter.