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[gelatin non porcine meaning]Long Triangle High Quality Integrated Development 丨 Jiangsu Wuxi: Break the regional barrier●△◇, the long triangle integrated release peoples live bonus life in the long run? What kind of experience? At the beginning of this year, Chen Wen◆-▽, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Geography and Lake Research Institute▷◆☆, in the liberation date, perhaps a lot of “long tripans”, we can quickly, convenient, comfortable to go to the big city, small and medium cities and villages=▼▷◇, Go to the Shanghai Bund to see Huangpu River, go to Nanjing Xuanwu Lake View Day▪☆△◆, go to Hangzhou West Lake, go to the sea◁=◇, the sea is blowing sea wind△○, go to the hillside lakeside town small towns, small towns△★□▽, small residents … Beautiful life picture, just slowly. In the long triangle integration, it has risen to the national strategy, people in Wu?

From Shanghai Shixoumen to Jiaxing South Lake, a small red ship carries the peoples critical strikes, the hopes of the nation, the more acute flow, and cross the stormy waves, and become a huge wheel of the China Radio. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the comrades of the whole party should put the party history as a vivid textbook that does not forget, as a navigation lamp that illuminates the road of the front, learn the experience of the experience••◇, thickness Completely act. Deep studying the strong beliefs of “the revolutionary ideal than the sky”, enhance the political force of ▼◇■-“there is a party in the heart▲▪◆”••△…. “Before the cutting head is not tight, as long as theism is really▪▷●” □☆●”The enemy can only cut our heads, and never move our beliefs” .★▼■.. These are decentralized, great righteousne□▲?

Original title: Shanxi-△•: There is no evidence that there is no evidence of the national provincial and county road traffic police law enforcement. Shanxi Province public security traffic police discipline style concentration education rectification mobilization will upload news, the Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Management Bureau announced ■●”Highway Traffic Police Squadron Standardize the 12th rules of law enforcement◆◁◆▲. The provisions are mainly suitable for the provincial and county road traffic police squadrons, which clearly stipulates that the auxiliary police will assist in law enforcement activities in the direct management•●, command and supervision of the police•☆, and must not go separately◆•. When the police auxiliary police on the road, the law enforcement recorder must be worn during the law enforcement of the road. During the law enforcement process, the law enforcement recorder should be used to perform uninterrupted records. In the process of law enforcement◇•▼, the police should fix the law according to the violation of the law; there is no evidence, there is no punishment. In the daily duty law enforcemen.

◁…■”Director of the Director of the Financial Economic Committee of the 13th National Peoples Congress▷△☆, member of the deputy director, a list of 23 (a total)◁★•◆. Director: Xu Shao Shi. Deputy Director: Liu Yuan, Zhang Yi▽○▽▼, Yin Zhongqing▷△▼, Xiong Qunli, Xie Jingrong, Uri Tu (Mongolian)••□●, Liu Xinhua (Hui), Guo Qingping. Member (according to the name string): Wang Li, Wang Dongjing, Lu Wei (female), Zhu Mingchun, Zhuang Yumin (female)…□□, Liu Xiuwen=-▽, Sun Bao Hou, Wang Kang, Ouyang Changqiong, Zhou Songhe■●–, Xu Rujun, Fu Fangli ( Female)■●▲▪, Cai Ling (female), Cai Jiming. Read it. Editor in charge: Huo .

Original title: US high officials, Chinas new weapons threat: anti-satellite weapon in recent years, deployment [Global Network Military March 8] Global Times Special Reporter Shi Li Feng] US National Interests, Russian Satellite Network◁◇▲☆, ■■★”India Times◆◆□★” The website of the US intelligence department said that the person in charge of the US intelligence department has set off a new round of China-Russian advanced weapons threats and trend, to the United States will explode the Sino-Russian anti-satellite weapon is about to deploy. Russian satellite network reported that the US Senate Armed Forces Committee website recently announced the testimony of Cotz, USA. He said in a Congress query, China and Russia are developing anti-satellite weapons, developing non-desperative and killing space weapons, with a purpose in the future potential conflict to reduce the US military and their Allies combat efficiency. At present, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army h▼◆◆?Contacts!

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