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[pectin-powder]Original title: The 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee held the 116th chairman meeting Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 4th, the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee held the 116th in the Great Hall of the People Second Committee meeting△-▼. Zhang Dejiang Chair presided over the meeting. On the afternoon of the 3rd, the delegations attended the 13th National Peoples Congress held a meeting to consider the draft draft draft of the 13th National Peoples Congress, a draft agenda■☆. On the morning of the 4th, the meeting of the Chairman of the 12th National Peoples Congress of the 12th National Peoples Congress◇▼□▼, the Secretary-General Wang Chenmines, the report of the draft 13th National Peoples Congress, the draft report●□, and decided to draft the draft draft•★★. The 13th National Peoples Congress a meeting preparatory meeting election. The meeting went on a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congre.

Original title: [Island Read] Mei Xinyu: How to deal with possible ▷○▽”Epic Trade War” [Herit Island Press] This morning, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee-◇, Vice Premier of the State Council○◇, Liu He Shi Yixin and the US Finance Minister Mnukin. After listening to Mnchi to China△=☆, Liu He said that China has been prepared, and Liu He said that China has been prepared, and it has the strength to defend national interests. It hopes that both parties will maintain rationality, joint efforts▽◁▪▼, and maintain the overall stable overall situation of China – US economic and trade relations▪★◇■. Regarding this trade war in Sino-US…▷=, Heroes I recommended Professor Zheng Yongjie yesterday•▽▷▷. He analyzed the Sino-US relations in recent years from the macro level. It is believed that …=”China Threat Theory” is always the country of Western countries-□▽■. A diplomatic main line■○◆☆. Today, Taxi Island Repairing the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Ministry of Commissi☆▽.

On March 31▪■★◆, Beijing ushered in the second weekend after spring◁■. At 9 oclock in the morning, more than 100 ministers appeared in Danfeng Park in the Southeast Five Ring Road, participated in the annual “Republic Ministers volunteer plant” activity. Cover Journalists learned that the Ministers voluntary tree planting has been launched since 2002, it has been in 17 years▽▼◁, and more than 34180 trees have been accumulated, and 2920 level leaders participate. Cover Journalists noticed that in 17 years, the location of Ministers volunteer planting is located around the districts and counties around Beijing. This year▲=◇, the duty to plant trees, Danfeng Park is located in 18 miles in Chaoyang District, close to Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. The relevant person in charge of Beijing introduced that this is the original ceramic market, and after 2017★■•△, it was changed to the park. Beijing Mayor Chen Jining attending the volunteer pla! collagen peptides fish or beef collagen better kosher beef gelatinGelatin capsule gelatin powder 25 kg bag gelatin bloom meaning!