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[halal beef gelatin]Original title: More than 130,000 netizens of tax reforms: The information map should be taken from 8,000 yuan◇▷: wage bar. Zhongxin Net reporter Li Jinli took a tax reform collection opinion More than 130,000 ☆▽☆=”Personal Income Tax Law Amendment (Draft)△▼•” commented to society▪=, the publics hot discussion is still continuing. The information of the China Peoples Congress shows that the draft collection exceeds 130▲•◆,000☆=▽, and the attention is much higher than the draft comments in the same period□▼●•. The starting point is expected to transfer one year? This is the seventh revision since the introduction of 1980 in 1980 and the greatest change in the amplitude. The draft will increase the spot point from 3,500 yuan / month to 5□▪,000 yuan / month (60○▽□,000 yuan / year), and the tax rate structure is adjusted○□◇▽, and the medium and low tax rate is expanded. f…-★•.

Original title: Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying entered my South Island Reef adjacent to the sea Answer reporter: It is understood that March 23▲…▲…, the US Navy “Masstin■▪◇▪” missile destroy ship entered the Nansha Islands Sea area. What is Chinas comment●-? A: On March 23, the US Navy “Masinsin” missile destroyer has entered the China Nansha Islands near the sea area without authorization of the Chinese government. The Chinese navy shall perform verification identification of American ship according to law and warn it. The US is in violation of Chinese law and related international law, violating Chinas sovereignty☆■, destroying the peace, security and good order of relevant sea areas, endangering China island facilities and personnel safety…▪, is a serious political and military provocation. China has unable arbitrarily sovereignty on the Nansha Islands and its nearby waters. China has always be!

Original title○☆▼: A heavy tractor of Foshan collided with a van and the van collided with 7 deaths and 2 injuries□□. The tail cross channel section has occurred a road traffic accident. A heavy-duty tractor has collided with a van. The accident caused 7 deaths, 2 people were injured, the injured have been urgently sent to the hospital for treatment, the driver is involved by the police Bring the investigation. After the incident, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Safety Supervision Bureau◁○, the city, the district leaders and the relevant departments of public security in Gaoming District quickly arrived. At present◁○…•, the accident is under investigation. Source▪▼☆: Guangdong Foshan Gaoming District Public Security Weibo Responsible Editor: Zhang gelatin cas no swanson chicken sternum cartilage collagen type ii Pectin manufacturer. alr industries humapro what is the protein base industria e comercio de oleos e proteinas ltda!

Original title: Agricultural Rural Department◁○: Guide City Modern Resources Elements to Suburban Rural Tilting Yang-▲▼.com Beijing May 3 news (Reporter Zhu Min Zhenyu) According to China Voice ▲▲▲”National News Network” report•★★■, Minister of Agricultural Rural Minister Han Changfu today (3 Japanese) said that it is necessary to guide the citys modern resources to tilt the rural areas of the suburbs…□☆…. Strive to gradually realize the modernization of rural revitalization and agricultural rural areas 2025 to 2030◁-. This year is the year of the opening of the countrys revitalization. This year•…, the Central Central Document clearly suggested that by 2020, the revitalization of rural revitalities, the basis of the system framework and policy system; in 2035, rural revitalization has achieved decisive progress, and the modernization of agricultural rural areas. Urban agricultural development is an important part of modern agriculture and rural revitalization, in the first squar▽★.