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[industrial scale production of proteins]China New Jingwei Client May 28th, Isolated on Friday, Iron and Steel, Non-ferrous Metals□▽▪▼, Titanium Powder▽◆, Coal and Metal Cycle, Semiconductor, Medical Beauty, Degradable Plastics◁◆▲, Vaccine Theme Weak. A share of the major index opened up. Source: WIND as of the opening, Shanghai index rose 0.05%, reported 36,10○◁■★.77 points; deep into a total of 0.01%, reported 14899■…■◇.33 points◆…▽; the GEM refers to the opening and reporting 3226.08 points. On the disc, the industrial metal, steel II, gold, forestry, shipping and other sectors have led; semiconductors, agriculture, plastics, tourism=□, and sectors such as hotels. In terms of concept stocks●★, the faucet, yesterday, the targeting, target, titanium powder■▼=, copper, et▪=◆◆.

Original title: Shaanxi informed 7 violations of the central eight provisions. Shaanxi Provincial Construction Management Office violates the subsidies, and the office housing is over-standard. In March 2. 014, the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office, presided over the meeting research decision☆△=●, and the range of 15 staff issued 1,000 yuan. From January 2. 014 to March 2. 015, Jing Tianyi agreed that violations issued a meal subsidy for the staff, a total of 1▪-◇.782. million yuan•…★★. The office will only meet the work of the Office of the Office, which has not been implemented, causing many people to have a long-standard problem◇■. In February 2. 018▲▼▷, Tian Wei was seriously warned by the party, and the violation of the funds were collected-◇•=, and the overall standard use office system has been reached. 2. Yulin City Hengshan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention is illegally issu?

Original title■△•▲: Acting as a black society, the deputy director of the Tomb Gang “Protective Umbrella” Public Security Bureau was sentenced to March 26th, Shanxi Yuncheng Institute of Middle School was jointly or compiled by 10 people such as Jingmin or respectively☆▷•▼, withdrawal with the nature of the community, stolen ancient culture The ruins, the crime of the ancient tombs○◇▼, helping criminals evade the penalty case. Among them◆•○▪, Jing Xi County Public Security Bureau•★■, Jing Yimin, was sentenced to life imprisonment◇-. The No. 37 (WeChat ID: ZHONGANZU37) was informed that Shanxi was publicly sentenced to three major blackcomers. Yuncheng, Taiyuan City, Luliang City▲◇▪, Mingcheng County Court◁☆□△, respectively, the organizers◆-…, participants, ★◇▪”protective umbrella○◇” and 51 non-black criminal crimes, including 25 black social nature◇…, including Jingmin, Zhang Zhiyong▪△△, Zhang Zhixiong, etc. Carry out the publication of the first instance◆◆■▪. ▲ Stolen cultural relics involv!

Original title: The United States ◇□”grasping the wrong medicine” foreign media○▼●: Test Chinas time – Reference News Network reported on March 8, US President Trump●◇★▼, announced by the White House, will be 25% of imported steel Tariffs, 10% tariffs on imported aluminum products▪▲▽. Tariffs will be officially effective after 15 days◁▷, just on March 23. There is public opinion that the United States will move the trigger of the “Trade War”. More foreign media sighs: Trumps tough position on trade issues test Chinas “strategic power”●□▪◁. The US “small friends••” have already been “sitting” according to media reports, in terms of this US new tariff policy, in view of the current US, Canada, Mexico is being talked about “North American Free Trade Agreement”, Trump means Canada and Mexico will be temporarily exemp?

China Xinwang Jiangmen May 27th (Cai Minyi Yue Road Construction) Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau Dasan District Super Engineering Huangmaohai Cross-Sea Channel Project Construction Welcomes New Progress▲◆, the project control engineering, the worlds largest three tower road cable All the completion of the Pile foundation of the Bridge Huangjinghai Bridge, the logo main dragon entered the platform construction stage. Huangjinghai Bridge is the Worlds largest highway three tala bridge◁-▪, the main spans of 2 * 720 meters, the bridge is 2200 meters long◇▽▼○. The main pier founded the group pile foundation, jointly constructed by Poly Long Great Engineering Co., Ltd. and China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Co▲▼…=., Ltd. Zhu Chao-▪□☆, deputy director of Huangmaohai Cross Sea Channel Project, said that in order to ensure the construction of large diameter drilling piles, Porsche General promotion main 12 construction◇▼, Huangjingh□▽. industrial poultry rendering machine for protein powder collagen pure supplierContacts.

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