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[protein industry]Original title: Foreign Ministry spokesman Huat Chunying meets the latest progress of the United States leaders to ask the ▽■•”Foreign Ministry Spokesman Office” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) message○△, on the afternoon of June 2•○△, there is a reporter▼◁: Local time June 1 On the afternoon☆◁•, the US President Trump met with the White House, the deputy chairman of the Korean Labor Party Central Committee, Jin Yingzhe▪…▲△, and then Trump announced that it will meet the meeting of the United States and the leaders in Singapore on June 12. What is Chinas comment? A: I noticed the relevant report•■……. The DPRK, the United States, recently, won the communication around the two leaders and achieved active progress, and took an important step in the correct road of political solutions▪□▲★, we were happy. China has repeatedly emphasized that the current peninsula is facing a rare historical opportunity, and can you find the implementation?

Original title▲○▲: Anqing Case Investigated Asian Environmental Protection Company: Tamper Automatic Monitoring Data illegal Emissions Pollutant Reporter Learn from Anqing Environmental Protection Bureau of Anhui Province, last year☆■, Anqing Environmental Protection Bureau automatically monitored data on the “Smart Environmental Protection” supervision platform When conducting routine, it was found that the automatic monitoring data of the Sewage Distance Sewage Sewage Sewage Sewage Data was significantly abnormal. On December 7=▲, 2017, the Anqing City Environmental Monitoring Detachment combined with ☆=•★”zero law enforcement action☆•▪■”, assaulting the Yahe Environmental Protection (Anqing) Co., Ltd., at night 23=○, when law enforcement personnel arrived at the companys sewage total row automatic monitoring station When the room, the automatic monitoring data was found to be tampered with. The law enforcement personnel immediately seized the fixed evidence of equipment in accordance with the law, and established a task force further investigation. This is investigated◁▲▪▼, th.

Original title: Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Municipal Peoples Congress: Increased the punishment of the rumors to punish the Standing Committee of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Province, increased the punishment of the rumors in the order of the cadres, and we are very Pay attention to the integrity, law-abiding education, advocacy of fair competition, banned the pick-up bribery, but the phenomenon of “black” is not given to the phenomenon of “black•▼”△●. It is recommended to improve the investigation★•□, punishment initiatives in cadres selection, punishment, and increase the punishment of rumors, curbing this new type of incomplete wind spread. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili!

China News Coach May 27 (Reporter Gao Kai) ▼=”I have been curious about the development of the entire online literature▲=△△, is in the upper slope? Is it parallel? Or is there a answer now◁●◁, it may have been an answer.” 27th , “Net Great God” bonfire draws princes in Chongqing to Chinas reporter★◇○. In 2005, he began to have a well-known head network writer in the net name of the “Bonfire”. Chen Zhenghua, who was in the 2021 China Network Literature Forum-…△, let himself feel the “change” of the industry, mainly web text. The reading amount is not like the past□■, and some IP begins to cool shrink▲-△. For the “change” of the bonfire, the =◇”change”, Chi.

Original title: A total of property rights must not refuse to reject the combination of new Beijing newsletters (Reporter Deng Qi intern Yu Huazun) Recently, there is a media report. The Beijing share of property rights cannot apply for a portfolio☆…. Yesterday▼▼△, the Beijing News reporter learned to the Beijing Municipal Housing Construction Committee, according to the relevant provisions, the buyers can apply for a combination☆■▼, and developers must not refuse. Once some companies are discovered, the severity of the plot will be stopped according to the document regulations●□◁☆. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Committee▪…▪◇, in accordance with the Interim Measures for the Administration of the Housing Management in Beijing, in terms of credit preferential policies, the purchasers can apply for housing provident funds=□, commercial banks according to the relevant loans of policy housing. Waiting for a housing loan●★▷. In addition, in the announcement of the total property housing project of Beijing in the future, it is necessary to explicitly explicitly expose support to the combination of loan▪▷•. gelatin vs gelatine pharmaceutical grade gelatin for soft capsuleAbout Us fish collagen producer fish gelatin capsule,