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[insect protein industry]Original title: Watching the child of Thai shipwreck accidents appearing to the original, danger is from our side: Qianjiang Evening News is dangerous, walk away! This summer, many children in Hangzhou listened to a lesson of summer security◁◆, and firmly remembered these four words. Just in the summer security class hosted by Qianjiang Evening News and Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau in Hangzhou▪☆-, the children and parents of all ministers and parents in the province couldnt sit. In these days, in Qianjiang Evening News Hotline◇★, Qianjiang Evening News Weicher and Zhejiang 24-hour APP background○○, we received a lot of friends from the city readers and users, expressed the same will▷•: Can you take the event to us? This can be there. Yesterday and August 2nd•△■, this newspaper went to the local public security and education department to advance the activities to Taizhou Linhai and Zhangzhou Jiangshan. Yesterday, I cam◆□•.

Original title: Beijing urban afternoon may be snow New Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi) As of Yesterday, Beijing has not effectively precipitated in 135 days. Today (March 7) began in the afternoon▼△, snowflakes in Beijing. However, due to the poor water vapor conditions•=▲, the city is still difficult to see the snow●▷○. However=…▼, the latest radar figure shows that the afternoon snow girl is likely to go into the city▽■◁□. The latest weather forecast shows that Beijing today is cloudy in the cloudy○◆, western region (Mentougou◆○, Fangshan) and north mountainous area (Yanqing, Huairou, Miyuns mountainous area) have a rain, a snow or a sporadic snow, Nanfeng 1, 2-level turn north wind 3 Level△==☆, the highest temperature is 6 ° C; the night is cloudy, the north wind is 3, 4●★, the lowest temperature is -2 ° C. Editor in charge: Guoqia=▲•.

China New Network May 27th, according to the news of the Ministry of Library, recently, the Culture and Tourism Department found in law enforcement inspections□◆▼, some songs containing prohibition content through song and dance, online music platforms, for cultural market healthy and orderly Development has a negative impact☆▷. In response to the above problems•…●, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism further strengthens the content supervision law enforcement work of various music products◇◇○□, and obtains the results of stage sex. – Strengthen network music product law enforcement supervision to some online music platforms, online audio and video websites, short video platforms, suspected of providing content violations online music products, and organizational law enforcement officers conducted special law enforcement examinations=•. According to the results of the examination▼-=, the Ministry of Culture and Touri raw whey protein industrial Pure collagen! loss on drying calculation usp!

Original title: Shaanxi Town An “4 · 10” crisis transport vehicle explosion system illegally loaded explosives caused Xinhua News Agency Xian April 15th (Reporter Yao Youming) On the morning of the 15th, Zhenan County, Shaanxi Province announced “4.1” dangerous The results of the survey of the transport vehicle explosion accident, the discovery of the explosive accident is caused by illegal loading and unloading explosives•▲◁. The staff of the Zhenan County Party Committee told reporters that the public security organs survey, visited the survey, visiting the video, the expert group technical analysis, and identified Zhenan “4◆▲■.110” dangerous vehicle explosion is due to the operation of the explosive, violating the safety regulations ◇■▼. At around 23:50 on April 10, a dangerous transport vehicle in the Buddha Town, Yuehe Town, Zhenan County, Shaanxi Province exploded▲●-◆. The accident vehicle is a dangerous transport vehicle equipped with 5.28 tons of emulsion explosives★▷◇…, and the license plate number is Henan SA3766. vehic?

Original title: Anhui●○◆■: Mobile patrol significant powerhouse is reviewed “The partys leadership weakens, the core effect is serious•◇○▲. The original party committee=▷□, especially the main person in charge-◁, extremely irresponsible◁…●, serious loss of duty, so that Hui Merchant Group Deepening the debt crisis☆△▼▼. …=”On February 9, the first inspection team of Anhui Provincial Party Committee refers to the above problems when the party committee of Hui Merchant Group Co■-▽★., Ltd. “The main person in charge of the original party committee team” referred to in patrol feedback is the secretary of the Huihui Group Co.□▽, Ltd., and the chairman Xu Yusui. On November 13, 2017★△□○, the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Xujia is accepting an organization review. With the same day of Xu Yusu, there is a deputy secretary of the Hui Shi Groups original party committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission. It is worth mentioning that Xu Jiagui and Zhang Weis falling horse is in the 10th Anhui Provincial Committ bioactive peptides and proteins from fish muscle and collagen casein protein powder industry uses!