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[gelatin without flavor]Original title•★: Golden South Major General▪△□★: Forced China Alliance and Russia will be the largest disaster in the West==▼▷! Kissingers warning no one listened. Not long ago, the “Russian Spy Spy Pharmacy Case▼▽-★” in the UK continued to ferment■…, developed from a single case, to condense a force of Western Europe, can be said▷•◆□, in the past half a month, the Western anti-Russian wave from the form to the content One wave is over, who is the scene●•▽, who is the scene◁▲○? After the “anti-Russian chorus”•▪■▽, what is the purpose of Trump? Wen Jin Yidong Zhou Yu Ting asked●•▪■: On the 4th of this month, Russias double-sided spouse Scrpal and daughter were coma in the British city Salisbury…○△▲, and now the hospital is rescued. The British Fang Fang resisted Russia poisoned▽•●•, and Russia asked the British to provide toxic samples and rejected. ◇……, Then a professor of South Southern◇•▪, now is still not enou■★.

Resolutely curb the fishes of the fiscal hype momentum – the big commodity prices have risen the view (bottom) this year, some bulk commodity prices have risen sharply, and the medium is complicated■=●☆. There is an international liquidity loose force▷▽□△, and there is also an epidemic situation, the cause of industrial supply and demand – based phase-mismatches. There is also an important factor, that is△=-, the speculation atmosphere of the commodity market is increasingly serious, and there is excessive speculation, disturbing the normal production and sales cycle, producing a promotion of prices★◆△. Behind this speculative phenomenon is the financial capital accelerated into the commodity market, and the financial capital is speculated. This phenomenon is not a new thing, but with the global liquidity expansion has been developed for a long tim beauty collagen drink sources of gelatin▲◁★ beef gelatin powder halal!

Original title: [Interpretation] Chinas anti-attack “boots landing☆▽▪”, intended to “knock the mountain shock” China mainly targeted the US agriculture, but the United States targeted Chinas high-tech industry. China-US announced (proposed) taxation list. According to the Ministry of Finance, the State Councils Tariff Tax Council decided to stop the tariff dismissal obligation of some imported goods originating in the United States=△-○, which is implemented from April 2, 2018. The Ministry of Finance TAF announced that China will stop the tariff dismissions of the 7-class 128 imported goods from the United States from April 2=▪▽, 2018. This 128 items include 120 fruits and products★○▪▷, as well as 8 pork and products□▼◁★. The Ministry of Finance shows that this initiative is to respond to the US levy high steel tariff (ie 232 measures) and maintain Chin.Gelatin wholesale spring of life bovine collagen peptides!