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Gelatin capsule proteins in nuts that are used in other industries is capsule shell gelatin halal,[pure collagen]The construction of the rule of law is in order to rely on the people of the people (the perspective of the perspective), and the government is in the government. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the central government to governing the country in accordance with the law: ◆•”Comprehensive implementation of the country is the most widely used in the country, and the most profound foundation is the people. You must adhere to the people☆△, rely on the people.” Xi Jinpings rule of law has deep answered the rule of law China for the construction for who■□=■, who rely on who The problem, science indicated the fundamental position of the new era to governing the country in accordance with the law, reflecting sincerely for the people. Implement Xi Jinpings legal thinking☆◇, we must adhere to the people-oriented, actively respond to the new requirements of the people on the construction of the rule of law. Entering the new era, the peoples good life needs more and more△…, not only puts forward the material cultural lif•◇!

Peoples Forum Network Review Strong ▼◇”Four Force” Promotion of ★○”Four History•▼▪” publicity and education▪-…•, I have been in recent days◇◁▷◇, the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the ☆○☆”Masters history, new China history, reform and opening history, socialist development” propaganda The notice of education is deployed for ==◇”four history” publicity and education for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party=▷••. Emphasis on “Promoting the Party History Learning Education Introductive to the masses◇●, in-depth grassroots, deep into the hearts○=”. This “three in-depth” provide an important follow-up to deepen the study of party history•-, and organize “four history” publicity and education, which also specifies the direction of work and target tasks, and puts forward higher requirements for party committees and party members capacity in all levels. Strong “foot.

Original title▪●□•: Artificial intelligence industry talents demand is strong and experienced△●△, the month will be eight thousand “” The next 5 to 10 years, the biggest change in society will be artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence will profoundly change the society◁●★◆, replacing a lot of positions□◆▷★, also Will create a lot of new posts. Which country has mastered the right to speak, and master the global rights•☆▪. “Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of Science, Xunfei, said. “Economic Reference News” reporter has recently investigated in Zhejiang, Anhui, Liaoning and other places to understand that companies generally reflect the lack of artificial intelligence talents•▽□-, and believe that as AI has continuously in-depth in various industries, talent demand will become more and more strong. At present▲◇▪, there is still a confusion of artificial intelligent talent training, colleges and enterprises in talent training-…▲▪, model, school-enterprise combination, etc. Industry hot talents are scar◇★.

Original title: National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Record Review Corrected Similar to “Super Born Tags•△” regulations in the future, non-excluding useful revocation means to enhance the record rigidity Zhongqing Online Beijing March 12 (China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online Reporter Wang Yunjun Xin Yu Xuan Xuan Chuan, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, said today that□▪▼◇, as of the end of last year▲▲▷▽, the Standing Committee of the 12th National Peoples Congress of the 12th National Peoples Congress received 1527 recommendations for the review recommendations. He introduced that these reviews were proposed in accordance with the division of responsibilities. They were 1206, accounting for 79% of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, which proposed to review 24 of the examination of administrative regulations, 2%, recommended for local regulations□•▽. There are 66 pieces◁◆, accounting for 5.5%△△▷. There are 1116 cases of judicial interpretation-▷☆, accounting for .

Original title: The Constitution at the National Peoples Convention, the history is the first time yellow gelatina animal protein producers industry appi! Source: The first constitutional swearing event at the National Peoples Congress of the Beijing Youth Daily, held on March 17. Such swearing activities••△, will be held on the 18th and 19th. At the press conference of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the spokesman Zhang Yucai introduced that this is the first constitutional swearing in the National Peoples Congress since the Constitution. The Constitution sworn from the unsuccessful Chinese constitutional oath system begins in October 2014. On the month, the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee was reviewed through the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on a major problem of the law in accordance with the law.?