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Gelatin capsule.[nippi fish collagen peptide]Environmental Protection Department, Huanco Ecology Letter [2018] No. 44●★, About Public 17 National Nature Reserve Area, Scope and Function Division, Mid 17○▲, Heilongjiang Province, Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province, Hubei Province◁○△, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region••-, Sichuan Province , Tibet Autonomous Region▽…▪○, Shaanxi Province◁▪●, Gansu Province, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Peoples Government△▪, Forestry Bureau: The State Council has ratified the new Heilongjiang Panzi, Heilongjiang Pingdingshan••, Heilongjiang Umage Zikhang, Heilongjiang Qixing, Heilongjiang Qixing•□▽▽, Northeast Tiger, Zhejiang Anji Xiaoxi Jiangxi Nanfang■•-, Hubei Changyang, Hubei Wulongxia◇•, Guangxi Silver Bamboo Laoishan Resource Fir◁□, Sichuan Baihe◁…▷▷, Tibet Mashi▷■, Wetland, Tibet▽•★, Wheat Card Wetland, Shaanxi Momo, Gansu, Xinjiang Altay Coksu Wetland, Xinjiang Hot Spring Xinjiang North Hall, et.

Original title: (Environment) Shaanxi rectification central environmental protection inspector feedback 154 people were hosted Xinhua News Agency Xian May 16th (Reporter Zhang Bowen) reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Department that Shaanxi rectified central environmental protection inspections and feedback●☆, as of At the end of March 2018…▪▷=, 48 specific rectification issues have basically completed rectification•○◆, and the remaining 11 project adjustments and medium- and long-term rectification issues are being promoted☆○★■; 154 people are subject to accountability. In response to the “severe area of ​​the environmental situation in the key area-☆◆”▪●◆, Shaanxi established the Working Group of the Provincial Iron Frame Treatment. In 2017, the average number of excellent days of the 8 urban districts in Guanzhong was 198.3 days, an increase of 7.3 days year-on-year; the PM10 average concentration was 119 micrograms / cubic meters, down 10□-◁….2% year-on-year; PM2.5 average concentrati.

Original title: a piece of color steel plate “forced to stop☆□•=” Beijing-Shanghai line, how many safety blind regions along the high-speed rail? The railway department has established an effective communication mechanism along the local government along the high-speed railway to jointly take the safety of the high-speed rail. In particular, “Clearance Area” neighboring zone cannot be a safety blind spot, which should be optimized from the system to strengthen daily supervision, and clarify the responsibilities and obligations of all parties◆●▽○. Wen Editorial Yesterday morning, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail Beijing south to Langfang caused equipment failure due to a “flying▷=” color steel plate in the day before night. This piece of color steel plate from a hunted private house, a 7-meter-long nearby, causing the contact network in the accident interval to be broken, and the contact network is also severely damaged; 30 on the viaduct The multi-meter rail guardrail, a transformer box is smashed. After the railway department is repair.