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[does gelatin count as fluid intake]Source: China Daily Inland Title□▷: Yuanmingyuan Old Tibetan Precious Xi Zhou Bronter is about to be auctioned in British Auction China is robbed overseas loss cultural relics reclining China Daily March 28 Is it a precious Chinese cultural relics that are trany and theft of the Buddha and theft▷…? Their fate affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese◆●. A Chinese rare bronzer “Tiger□•■-“, “Tiger (Yíng)”▼▽, a Chinese rare bronze “Tiger (Yíng)•…”●▪☆, who is clearly aurated in the UK, once again focused on Chinese cultural relics that spread abroad○◁. Are you in his hometown? Tiger (Yíng) British Navy Harry Lewis Evans China Daily reported yesterd◆□.

Original title: Japanese media said that Chinas promotion of innovation faces many challenge aging and intensifying a problem on October 12, 2016. In 2016, the National Volkswagen Entrepreneur Innovation Activities Week Shenzhen main venue, exhibitors in demonstrating a robot exhibit▪★. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang Reference Information Network reported on March 29th ●▲•…”Japan Economic News” March 28th published article “China Government Policy Promoting Industrial Innovation Speed”, the author is an associate professor in Tokyo University, Ito Sheng-□, Iwa Sheng=●★. The article said that the Chinese governments implementation of policy promotes innovation is that innovation○□, including new knowledge and new ideas▼=-◇, has the characteristics of public wealth◁▷…□, and has the positive impact of the benefit of individual enterprises. Especially since 2015, the Chinese government has been actively taken measures to promote innovation=…-•. artic.

China Xinwang Beijing May 28 (Reporter Pangsuo) Natural Resources Department China Geological Survey Bureau No. 28=△, said that Japan, China Tuning Bureau held a video signing ceremony with the East Asian Southeast Asian East Asian Military Program Coordination Committee (CCOP). The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding about the establishment of the CCOP City Geological Research Center▲▷=. The center was led by the China Geological Survey Bureau of the Natural Resources Department, established with CCOP, and the Secretariat is located in Nanjing Geological Survey Center in China Geological Survey◁■. According to the memorandum of understanding, the CCOP City Geological Research Center will build international urban geological cooperation exchange platforms to carry out international urban geological research, and promote advanced urban geological investigation.

Chinas new network Yancheng May 27th (as the name sieve Chen Pengfei Wu Fong) “The Ocean is the New World of the Human Civilization Development Resources and Development Space in the 21st Century, the development and utilization of marine wind power resources is to solve energy crises, environmental crises and development★◇●. The difficulties in which people and natural harmony are involved. “On the 27th, the president of the China Ocean Engineering Consulting Association Sea Wind Power Branch•▷▽◁, Cai Shao★◇▽, in Jiangsu-▲=▪, the second wind power industry development forum, said. Shi Yang Power to build the new city of the International Maritime Wind Power Industry…▲◇. Jiyang County Committee Propaganda Department held the first wind power industry development forum in 2019. This years shooting is again “calling▼★■” the •☆●”big coffee◆=” in the sea wind power field, common business low carbon e●◁.Pectin manufacturer!

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