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[collagen vitamins]Original title: Improve tax threshold is about to repair! Detailed Ministry of Finance: Everyone will be the beneficiary Liberation Daily · View Journalist Zhu Yizhen Wang Yelle 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a press conference this morning◇▲□, inviting the Minister of Finance Xiao Jie, Deputy Minister Shi Yao, Hu Jinglin “Financial and Tax Reform and Financial Work◁◁” related issues answered the question of Chinese and foreign journalists□■. In response to the publicly concerned personal income tax reform, Xiao Jies words triggered a full laugh: “I want to tell you a reporter, everyone will be the beneficiary of this years personal income tax reform. As for how to benefit, please follow the deputy director of Shi Yao Bin to answer □▷●▼”Shi Yao Bin said that the governments work reports that it is necessary to increase tax gauges, and to increase their special costs such as child education▷•☆, medical care=▪. From the government work repo■▲=○.

Original title: Sino-Russia discusss the integration of Beidou and Glorians Navigation Russia Media: Improve Service Quality Reference Message Network April 3 Report Russian Free Media Website March 31 An article published on March 31 The title is ▲★▽=”Sino-Russian, Russian,○★=” The article said on March 30, China uses the Long March No. 3◁▲, which has successfully launched two satellites of the North Handan Navigation, which belongs to the central earth orbit satellite-●. It is part of the satellite navigation system built in China. Before 2018, the number of satellites will reach 18, by 2020, Beijing will complete the launch of 30 network satellites○●△◇, when the Beidou System will complete the transformation from regional services to global coverage. The article said that the global navigation system currently in actual operation has only the US G.

Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Human Bureau issued an announcement “Tips for personal social security information security”: Recently, I received the insured who reflected the “social security” mobile app to handle social security business and charged service charges. After investigation, the APP development company is Hangzhou Penjin Network Technology Co., Ltd., without authorization of the human resources and social security department of our city◇●□-, please do not download and use, beware of personal social security information◇▼□▪. Chengdu Social Insurance Administration August 6, 2018 Source: Chengdu Municipal Human Bureau Website Editor: Huo ▼☆.

Original title★-△★: Violation of business card cases Alarm the highest inspection business card is held by public officials, mainly for credit cards for daily official spending and financial reimbursement business. However, some banks in Weinan did not handle in accordance with the regulations, eventually brought huge losses to the state. Sun Junzhong has always believed that he was opened by units, and he and Changan Bank Co., Ltd. Weinan Branch (hereinafter referred to as Changan Bank Weinan Branch) have been fighting the lawsuit=■, hoping that the court can revoke the original unit to his expenditure. Previously, Changan Bank Weinan Branch believes that Sun Junzhong did not properly fulfill the duties of bank staff and caused economic losses of 17.7 million yuan to banks, so they will be opened. Sun Junzhong believes that his duties are the lowest, and the responsibility assumed should also be the mos……■-. fish collagen manufacturer gelatin dessert Gelatin wholesale peptone for construction how to find gelatin crystal!