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[protein range solbar industries]Original title: In-depth grasp the new era of fulfilling social responsibility (Xinzhi Xinji) Wang Xiaomu Partys 19th National Report made “Chinese characteristics socialism into the new era”▲-, this is the new historical position for my countrys development Scientific judgment. Socialism with Chinese characteristics entered the new era. my countrys economic development has also entered the new era▲◇. The basic characteristics is that our economy has turned from high-speed growth stage to high quality development phases. The new era new historical orientation and development tasks have put forward new requirements for entrepreneurs to fulfill social responsibility. The times are progressing, society is developing•▲, and companies are growing, and entrepreneurs have to advance. Entrepreneurs in the new era should not only pursue business value▼▽•, create their own value in social wealth, but also to better reflect their own value in social responsibility. this .

Q: The Mahartier Prime Minister said when he held a press conference before leaving Beijing, because of the national debt, Malaysia decided to cancel the East Coast Railway Plan and Two Oil Pipeline Plan★▲=. What is the response to this China? A: China has always been in the principle of mutual benefit and cooperation with all countries to carry out economic and trade and investment cooperation with countries. Cooperation in the field of China and Major trade has maintained a positive development momentum▲▪. Mahartil Prime Minister I have always emphasized that Chinas development is an opportunity for Malaysia△★○. China is the largest trading partner in Malaysia. Chinas economic and trade cooperation brings real interests to the people of the two countries○▷. Of course, cooperation between any two countries inevitably will have some problems◁•-, and some different opinions may occur in different periods. For problems in cooperation, it should have long-term development from both friendship and bilateral relation.

Original title●•-○: Guidelines and local taxes▼★-, China 535 new tax bureaus, concentrated unified listing China, China The State Administration of Taxation Dezhou★•=●, Nanchang City…★, Erdos City, Xian City•=, Chongqing Qijiang New District, Tongliao City, Changsha City, Ali Regional Taxation Bureau, etc●▷•▼., the 535th-level New Taxation Bureau concentrated on the listing and fulfilling their duties. Previously, Chinas provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Centralherishing Market) and planned a single list of national tax bureaus, and the Local Taxation Bureau had been combined on June 15 and unified listing□◆. Data Map: On June 15▽▪, the newly established State Taxation Bureau Beijing Taxation Bureau officially listed. China News News Reporter Jia Tianyong photo Wang Jun, director of the State Administration of Taxation, went to Shandong Province to carry out national taxation tax registration system refo.