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[gelatin porcine skin 300 bloom]Original title▽○▪★: US official public seeks Iranian regime to remember the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 3…▲…, 2018•◇☆▷, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Hou hosted a routine reporter meeting=□◇△, and there were reporters asked, first•▲, the US State Department yesterday said yesterday. Turning Irans oil exports to zero. What extent will China cooperate with the United States in this area? How can China respond to Chinas business and Iran? Second, Trumps lawyers Juliani and US President National Security Affairs Assistant Bolton publicly seeks the Iranian regime☆△. What is Chinas comment? Lu Hong responded that about the first question, China has always opposed the single sanctions and “long arm jurisdiction.” China and Iran are friendly countries. We maintain normal interaction and cooperation within the framework that meets their respective international la!

Original title: Linyi Qingshan Irrigation Channel has three students accidental drowning accident on August 5, 2018, Tan Mouyang (male◁◆…, 15 years old) and classmate friends, meetings. Tasting in Qingshan Channel◁■. At around 10 oclock, near the Direct Pool of Digital Pool…☆▽, Tan Mouyang went to the pool to wash◇◁●★, Yu (male, 16 years old)▷☆•◇, Xing Moufeng (male△…, 16 years old), Xing Moulong (Male, 17 Three people are waiting for three people. During the rescue process, in addition to Xing Moulong, the rest of the three were unexpected. After the accident▲▷…▪, the Linyi County Party Committee and the county government immediately dispatched the Public Security Bureau, the Fire Brigade, Qingshan Authority and Xinan Town▷□◁★, and launched an urgent rescue▽…◇▼. After the Qingshan Administration▷◁, Qingshan Water Police Station received alarm, the first time launched the site to salvage and organized medical emergency personnel to rescue. Currentl.

The 2018 △▼○”Beijing Story” excellent small theater repertoire showed by the Beijing Municipal Cultural Affairs Bureau will kick off on August 1●•. In the 75 declaration plays from 60 performances from all over the country, they have selected 20 excellent works, cover words•▽▪, opera▼◆, syndiotics◁○, dance▼◁, and new scratches•○◆, etc▪▽▷.=□■, these works will be small in the country. The theater○◁●◁, Beijing Human Art Experimental Theater, Tianqiao Art Center and other places have been staged☆★. Editor in charge: Huo ☆•.

Original title: Heavy pound 20mg collagen peptides bovine capsules▽▷! Hainan improved the real estate limit purchase policy, non-residents of the provinces household registration residents, the down payment of not less than 70% March 31, the Hainan Provincial Housing and Construction Department issued the ▷▽”Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Work of Stable Real Estate Market▽▪▲”, further refinement of our province The real estate market purchase restriction policy•▪…, adheres to the positioning of ●▲■”house is used to live◆-☆◁”, it is not used to stir-fry “, curb speculative purchase, stabilize the market expectations…-, and maintain the smooth health operation of the real estate market in our province•▽. Notice requires that the province strengthens strict purchase of housing qualification examination, non-residents of the province▽▲, the household households can only purchase 1 housing in our province■▼○. Five-point mountain▲◆…☆, Baoting◆★-▼, Qiongzhong, Baisha 4 central ecological core districts and counties construction of commercial housing can only be sold for households in the city (county) residents. Non-this provinces household registration resident family purchase housing in our province, apply for busine△◇■▲.

Original title☆◇□■: How strong China excavators: a shovel digging 50 tons of coal▷●! This …▼▪▷”big piece◇=○▽”■•◇▷: Let the European and American giant enterprises have low heads. Excavators believe that many people have seen it▽■●, but this excavator to say today is very special, it is very large, the total length is 23.5 meters▲○▲, what is the concept of this, it can be said that it is close to the biggest creature on the earth□▲, one The length of the adult blue whale, its strength is also very large, and more than 50 tons of coal can be dug. This magical big head comes from Xuzhou, Jiangsu. On April 2, the 700-ton hydraulic excavator of Xugong Group successfully launched. This giant Macon is equivalent to 500 ordinary cars, and the power exceeds two 99-style main tanks. Build 100 people at the same time, you can dig more than 50 tons in a bucke pectin gummy Pure collagen global protein and agriculture industry! protein industry revenue!