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[high protein gelatin]Original title: Square girls meet suicide must thoroughly check the most beautiful people in April☆•△. Two girls do not meet the spring tour, but they have committed suicide▷▪. This is just a case▲◇•, and it is also a cold. The notification from the Education Bureau of the Nanguan District△◇○, Changchun said▲●: On April 25th, the Yatai Campus of the 103 Middle School in Changchun City has two ninth grade girls fall. After visiting and organizing the public security department, the two deceased wrote a record of jumping together on a notebook▽-▷□. Exploration of the criminal police on-site investigation, in line with the festival characteristics, exclude him, and committed suicide. Yes, after a good appeasement and good, I will never return to the life and years. The clue is embarrassed, the truth is unspeakable△•, and no one can finally discuss before the fact▼◆. However, it is only “Composing Suicide▲□◆◆” four words○-, it is enough to be shocked. Whats more-=○●, th•□…▼.

China Exchange Network May 27th According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia◇•, recently=-, from Cambodia to enter new crown confirmed cases, China s residential embassies decided to start from Cambodia Time 021 June 0☆…★, Cambodia went to Huazhong Foreign Passenger to cross the new crown virus cross-crossed test▲◁◆□, and the test requirements were adjusted: First•▷▲, the number of tests from Cambodia Time, June 4, 2021, from 0:00, the self-invite visit to all the Chinese and foreign passengers who went to China to China, A nucleic acid detection (referred to as ▽●▪”single test” must be performed within 3 days before boarding, and ■•◁”double detection▼□◆” (ie nucleophilic acid and serum antibody detection) is performed within 2 days before boarding. Second, the test time and pla.

Original title: 2 village cadres in Henan Province, were revoked in the party: relying on the grabbing to determine the poor households “Shuihe Town is actually taking the poverty, this seeming fair fact is harming the peoples interests□▽. The practice should be resolutely correct ..△★△▲. ☆▪”Recently, the rectification of the Yushi County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission did not act as a question, and the head of the county discipline committee was notified in the field of poverty alleviation◁▷▷, chaos. Typical Case▪▷▽▷. Not long ago▼▪=, more than 10 people arrived at the Xi County Commission for Discipline Inspection◁★●▪, reflecting the poor households in the horizontal village of Water Slope Town, identified by grasp○△. After receiving the reflection, the county discipline committee supervision committee immediately conducted an investigation. After investigation, July 2016=▲, when the secretary of the village▽-, the secretary of the Village, the party cadres took a grasp of the “poor household◇▽□” and reported to the poverty alleviation offic•▲.

Original title: Single◆□★-: Single▲○◇: Female reporter is red, no need to think that the first financial business woman with a blue dress yesterday because of the other red female reporter asked questions, impatiently The eyebrows, the eyes☆○◆◇, lived by TV■▽☆, quickly detonated the Chinese Internet△▪▽, approaching the peak of the screen in a short time. The identity of two female journalists, their employment situation, expression pack, various segments, extension analysis, and rumors are refreshed on the Internet with half an hour. This is another explosive information consumption event on the Internet, but its core is consumption, not something else◁○. Regardless of the official or Internet active people, there should be too much○○◆■. The Blue Clothing female reporter frowned◁-▽•, whitached eyes were recorded, and was captured online○▼, and there was a series of accidental reasons to promote i.

Original title: As long as there is a speech to speaking on March 5, the National Peoples Congress represents Guo Fenglian answered the reporter in the “Representative Channel”. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photo National Peoples Congress, Guo Fenglian▷▽, a total secretary of Dazhai Village, Dazhai Town, Shanxi, Jinzhong City▽★, Shanxi, Zeng Zhai, ▪◁•”Tiegu” captain•◁, this year is the sixth elected National Peoples Congress As the peasant representative, Guo Fenglian is very concerned about the ◇…”three rural” issues, and five proposals have been mentioned this year. She said, now she still lives in Dazhai, live in the countryside, did not leave her home▼▲. As long as there is an occasion, she is going to speech a farmer. Talking about performance proposals are all about the rural farmers Beijing News☆▼: This year is the general representative of the National Peoples Congress◁▪? Guo Fenglian: The sixth time. I am the fourth, the 5th National Peoples Congre.