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[lentil protein industry]Original title: 230 days of wind and rain◁●, the naval twenty-seventh batch of escort formation, the name of the 27th approved navigation team, the picture from the “Contemporary Navy△▪” WeChat public number March 18th, the missile destroy ship Haikou ship, missile frigate Yueyang ship and comprehensive replenishment ship Qinghai Lake ship composed of China Navy, successfully returned to Sanyas military port dock after successfully completing the task of Naval Bay, Somali Sea Navigation▪•△, Visiting North Africa and Guinea Bay Mobile Cruise. The 27th batch of navigation formation of the main transcripts: 27th escort formation escorted action lasted 230 days•□, the accumulated voyage 124962 Hairi, successfully completed 36 batch of 54 Chinese and foreign ship escort mission, rescued 5 ships that were pursued by pirates, found And drive from 13 batch of 42 suspected pirat.

Original title: Civil Aviation Authority notified Xiamen Airlines “8△…○◆.16″ to biased the runway event●•, Xiamen Airlines Chairman Avor Xijing News (Reporter Wang Qingbin) China Civil Aviation Today, On August 20, the Civil Aviation Bureau held a full industry aviation security TV phone Will report the situation of the runway incident in Xiamen Airlines ■▲◆”8★▪.16″. The Civil Aviation Authority reported WeChat public account to disclose Xiamen Airlines (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen Airlines) chairman of the chairman of the car. According to the Beijing News, August 16th, Xiamen Airport MF8667 Xiamen – Manila flights, at 23:55 Beijing Time, when they dropped the runway event, the landing gear and the engine were damaged, 157 passengers on the machine All of the eight crew members are safely evacuated, no person injuries. Since then●◇▼■, the Civil Aviation Authority reported that the captain flying for Kore.

China New Network May 28th, the website news of the Anhui Luan City, Aside on May 27, 202☆▼, Zhejiang University of Hongan District, Jinan District, Yuan District, Mandan Community◁▽•▼, Jinan District Wutong The four communities such as the No. 1 period of Qingshuihe Board, Jiayuan Community, and the four consecutive days have no new diagnosis cases and no symptoms. At day 14, the nucleic acid detection results of the residents in the above cells were negative, and all in the 14th He once again launched a comprehensive killing. According to the State Council•◆▽▼, the relevant provisions of the Xinzhi Pneumonia epidemic situation association and control mechanism and the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters office▪=, through the comprehensive research of the expert group◁◁, the citys epidemic prevention and control emergency integrated headquarters decided◁▲○, since the four communities since the 28.

Original title: Wang Yi refutes =▽■”Chinas replacement of the United States■▷” theory: fundamental strategy misjudgment! Liberation Daily · View Journalist Zhu Yizhen Wang Hai Yan Chen Heiyi responded to whether China and the United States will fight “trade war”▪□●◆, Wang Yi said: The trade war never resolves the correct way to solve the problem…□○•, and the results can only be harmful. “If there is a competition between China and the United States, it should be a positive competition-◆☆▲. In other words•○, China and the United States can have competition, do not have to do an opponent★•=, more partners.” He said. Wang Yi said that as the big country associated with two interests, as the worlds first and second largest economies▲▼=○, China and the United States must not only be responsible for the interests of the people of the two countries, but also to the world. I hope that both parties are in full swing, and they jointly find a mutually beneficial way through equality and constructive dialogu.

Original title: The citys sweep is evacuated to the “new Wuan” WeChat blessings May 19 news, recently△■▪-, the reporter learned from the municipal law department○▲, as of now, the public security organ has cracked a total of various types of black-related crimes Starting 38, hitting 68 “Badge”, “Disma▽●”, and 7 of the evil force crime gang■◁. The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has been investigated 14 pieces of clues related to the black and evil corruption and ◆••●”protective umbrella●•▷▲”▽▽☆◇, and 4 people were issued. 12 were verified. The organizational department collected 12 investigations, and the secretary of the party branch of 10 villages was taken criminal measures according to law, and 2 villages were investigated…☆. Source: “New Wuan” WeChat Board Editor: Huo ▼☆. fine gelatin powder inteligência artificial para a indústria de proteína animalContacts.

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