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[best organic liquid collagen]Original title: Who is the 17 cases mentioned by the 2018 National Two Sessions? Beijing News (Reporter Wang Yuki) March 9th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting□☆, reviewed the highest law and the highest work report. Zhou Qiang, the Supreme Peoples Court◇☆, reported that when he reviewed the crime of corruption and bribery over the past 5 years□▼▲, Zhou Qiang said that the cases of 101 provincial-level cadres have been heard in the past five years. “Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai▪…, according to law Guo Bo Xiong, order planning, Su Rong and other major duty cases▼□▷▷, in the Bai Enpei case, I applied for life imprisonment in accordance with the law “,” the case of the Hongpong No. 1 Yang Xiuzhu and other cases “according to law•▷▽=.◆▪•” When I talked about severe punishment of telecommunications network crime, Zhou Qiang said, “-□☆” Impressing fast broadcast company to spread obscene ite▪-▽!

Original title: The Ministry of Commerce is primarily originally produced in Brazil imported white feather meat chicken products existing dumping China new network June 8 The electricity Ministry of Commerce on the 8th on the official website on the original ruling of the imported white feather meat chicken in Brazil, the announcement The investigation organs have initially identified that there is a dumping in the imported white feather chicken products in Brazil▲▷. The domestic white feather meat chicken industry has been substantially damaged, and there is a causal relationship between dumping and substantive damage□▷. Ministry of Commerce. (Data Map) Chinas new network reporter Jin Shuos announcement shows that from June 9, 2018, import operators should be determined by the company when they imported Brazils White Brochnium products. The dumping range provides the corresponding margin to the Customs of the Peoples Republic of China. The guarantee is checked by the price of tax prices based on custom.

[The State Council Survey Team went to Jilin to carry out case investigation and treatment work] On July 23■○●, the State Councils investigation team rushed to Jilin to carry out the investigation of rabies vaccine cases for Changchun Changsheng illegal and violation▪■. It is reported that the State Food and Drug Administration is organizing national supervision power to conduct full process full-frame examination of all vaccine production enterprises■■▽, and earnestly protect the health of the people■▼▲□. Related news official statement Xi Jinpings instructions on vaccine cases: One check, adhere to the safety bottom line Li Keqiang to show vaccine events▪☆□: Breakthrough moral bottom line must give the people on the Changsheng Biological Vaccination Securities Regulatory Commission, also shot Shandong Governor Gong Zheng hosted a special meeting: comprehensive What is the vaccination flow in the vaccination? More than 20 provinces responded to Hebei Bai Bai Bai vaccine to subsize: more than 100,0.

Original title: Developing active and healthy party political and cultural development and healthy party political culture, comprehensive purification of political ecology within the party is an important arrangement for the 19th National Congress. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when participating in the Delegation of Chongqing, “Political Ecology is the same as natural ecology◆▼, it is easy to pollute, once problems▼◇◆•, want to recover very much.” The development of active and healthy party political culture is a strong impact of Sun Zhengcai and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijuns viral, comprehensive purification of political ecology in the party◇△◇, is an important guarantee for the development of strict treatment from stricting parties to the depth development. Developing a positive and healthy party political culture must grasp the scientific connotation. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that ☆▪▲”the partys political life, political ecology, political culture is complementary=□, political culture is politic◇☆★□. collagen peptides protein snack industry

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