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Pure collagen![gelatin bloom strength]Original title□-□: Today, this news is too big to fight “Taiwan independence” bovine hide collagen peptides vegan protein powder industry! Taiwans ▷○•”Olympics” allows the station to lose the right to host the East Asian Green Association, even Japan did not help it. The East Asian Olympic Committee decided to cancel the Taichung City Youth Galas, the Taiwan authorities vocalize to protest through multiple pipes, claiming that this is ▽△”public and means of rudely in sports”△…▪. The East Asian Olympic Committee is a total of 9 countries and regions who have made these decisions at the meeting in Beijing◁◇□. A total of 9 countries and regions of the voting, which only Taiwans China Taipei Olympic Committee voted, Japan Olympics The committee was discarded, and the other seven Olympic committees were voted•=•. There will be such an overwhelming vote, because this cancellation is fully compliant with the Olympic spirit. Some forces in Taiwan from this ye•▽△….

Original title★▷: “Wenshan Club▷▼◆■” rebuilding: I have to fill in the form, a town to spend 300,000 to buy paper ink, authors, Xinhua Daily Telegraph○●◇▲, Xinhua, Liu Liangheng, He Wei, Zhu Guoliang The paper and inks have spent more than 300,000 yuan. □△”A grassroots township person in Hunan said in an interview with” Xinhua Daily Telecom ◇■”reporter, his region is the△○” main battlefield ◇◁◆”of poverty alleviation□•△•, the superior requirements▪▲, The masses are expected to be high, and the main energy should be used to help poor people to develop production…-◁◇, but there are too many tablets to be filled in•◆, and the first-level level has been in the county. ☆●▲”Every time does not flow For a few hours, I cant finish it. ” At the end of 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Xinhua News Agency, “formalism, bureaucratic new performance is wor.

China New Network May 28th According to the Comprehensive Compilation of Spain, Europa Press reported that the National Police of Meilida and Madrid Policeshol, Said=☆•▷, and Madrid Police Station. In action□▷, four were arrested▼…. It is reported that they are suspected of organizing crimes, theft theft, and the victims are Madrid and Merrida Chinese. In February of this year, the police received a Chinese report by Merida, saying that his home was stolen=•◆▷. So the police began to investigate the relevant cases, collected statements that may witness witnesses○•, as well as the safety camera content near the report on the site, and finally traces suspected prisoners and their vehicles. Continue to investiga. vegetarian gelatin powder grass fed collagen powder