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Pure collagen![is bovine hide collagen peptides vegan]Xinhua News Agency…△▼=, Geneva May 26 (Reporter Lingxin) The Swiss Federal Government announced on the 26th that refused to sign the bilateral framework agreement with the EU and stopped negotiation with the European Union on this agreement. This indicates that Rui Ou seven years of negotiation declaration of the agreement for seven years▽●▽. The Swiss government said in the publication that the Swiss Federal Committee has a comprehensive assessment of the results of the framework agreement▼▷, and believes that Ruios two sides still have ○▲”great difference” on the key issues of the agreement, and the conditions for signing the agreement cannot be met. The Swiss government said that both parties can continue to use existing methods involving more than 100 bilateral agreements. At the same time▷■▽▼, Rui Fang recommends launching political dialogue with the EU to jointly determine the future bilateral cooperatio.

Original title•☆: Prism Lai Qingde, the world has already seen your □◁●▲”Taiwan independence” performance in the style of the wind□▪□, the rudder is speculative, and Taiwanese Island is afraid that there is no more playing more than the Democratic Party. Since last year, the person in charge of the Taiwan administrative agency has been high-profile with “pragmatic Taiwan independence▷■▲…”, it is a “model”. He recently received his old-hunting, and laid △▽”pragmatic Taiwan independence☆▪-▼” and the Ministry of Democratic Party, said “Taiwan is a sovereign independent country, name is the Republic of China, mutual relations with the Peoples Republic of China Not affiliated, Taiwans future is only 23 million people can decide. ▷•◇…” Is this set of freshness? no way. As early as “Tainan Mayor”, Lai Qingde has frequently referred to “Taiwans future resolution◇…○”, and the Taiwan administrative body is still the same set of discussio◇=.

Original title△◁▪: The strict secretary of this “fire-▪▷” is checked! Netizen: •-□”Mrs▽◁•◁. Yan” stands pork gelatin supplier fish bovine marine collagen powder gelatin capsules 0 collagen face mask powder! Source•●: Yan Chunfeng, deputy secretary of Guangan Municipal Party Committee▲□, is suspected of serious violations, and is currently being accepted for disciplinary review and monitoring. Yan Chunfeng resume Yan Chunfeng, male, Han nationality, born in April 1968, Jiangxi Ruichang☆•■, doctoral degree. In April 1991, he participated in the work, joined the Communist Party of China in May 1988. From April 1991 to February 1995…•▪, work at Kunming University of Technology; from February 1995 to January 1999, he studied his Ph○□◁.D…▷•. in Chongqing University of Architecture (in November 1997, Ren Chongqing Construction Science Research Institute Length assistant); from January 1999 to August 1999-…◆, Ren Chongqing Building Scientific Resear□◁-★.

Xinhua News Agency, March 27◁▪○●, March 15, 2018, China Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the 13th National Committees first meeting adopted the “Amendment of the Charter of Conference on Peoples Political Consultation”…◆◁□. Recently, the head of the General Office of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference accepted an interview and answered the reporter on the relevant situation. Q: Please introduce the principles of this revision of the Political Conference Charter-△△. A: The current CPPCC chartered by the five sessions of the May 1982, in 1994, in 2000★□, in 2004, three revisions were made, generally adapt to the needs of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference…●, which is in line with national conditions▷◆◇, in line with the actual situation=▪▷. □▷▪•, Comply with good articles on the development requirements of the times. At the same time◆★, historical experience is also fully proved that the CPPCC has only constantly adapted to the new situation, absorbs new experience, reflecting n?

Original title◁…●: Academician He Huawu•◆★: High-speed rail drone in high-speed speed up to 350 kilometers will be the first application of Beijing “new four inventions” in Beijing■•▷●, and high-speed rail has become Chinas most shining business card▪★. In the new round of technology revolution▪●◇, how does China keep their own high-speed business cards leading? How will traffic in the future change peoples lives? On May 19th, the 2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurial Fair, one of the “Future Technology■-●” forums was held. Top high-speed rail experts from China talk about the future traffic in their minds. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering▲▽, General Technical Consultant General Manager of China Railway Corporation said that as of 2017, the national railway network operation mileage is 1.27,000 kilometers■☆-, of which high-speed railway network operates over 25,000 kilometers, China Hi?