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[wholesale collagen powder]Original title◆=◇: Good news=▽! Less than 100 million people, it is expected to settle in big cities◆=-■ edible gelatin 25kg bag! The National Development and Reform Commission has released the “Notice on Implementing the Key Task of Promoting New Urbanization in 2018”, which refers to the continued implementation of 100 million non-household registration population in the city to settle down, and accelerate the pace of reform of the household registration system□●★. For large cities and large cities to distinguish between urban, new districts and municipalities, develop differential settles▪…◆◁, explore the construction of inter-regional rotation points and transfer channels●△○▲. In the notice, my country will accelerate the pace of reform of the household registration system•-, implement the main responsibility of local governments, and achieve the goal of entering the city to enter the city to settle down 13 million. It should promote the ability to have a new generation of migrant workers who have stabilized employment in the town, living in urban employment for more than 5 years and the agricultural transfer population of the migration□▪△○, rural studen.

Original title: Tiangong No. 1 target aircraft will re-enter the atmosphere burning Central Guangwang Beijing on April 1st=■•, according to China Voice “News” report, Tiangong No.1 is launched on September 29◇-■, 2011, and has been with Shenzhou 8 No. 9, No. 10 spacecraft◁……, 6 consecutive bonuses▽◁▲●, completed various tasks▷•, made significant contributions to Chinas manned spaceflight development▲★. On March 16, 2016★□△▲, Tiangong No. 1 target aircraft officially terminated data services, fully completed historical mission•■•■, and entered the track attenuation period. For example, Todays Palace No◆▼. 1 has been flying in space for about 6 and a half△•▷★, so that you will say goodbye to people. Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center and professional institutions have previously analyzed that Tiangong No.1 is expected to enter the atmosphere between March 31 to April 4◇▼◆. Chinas manned space official website has begun from March .

Original title▪▼■: 98-year-old Professor, Gansu University of Medicine, the third national doctor Zhou Zhou Zhou Xin has a professor of Gansu University of Medicine, Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, learned from Gansu University of Medicine, the schools lifelong professor , The 3rd National Medicine Master Zhou Xin said that he was invalid because of the medical treatment◆▲…, on March 10▪▲, 2018●☆▲, at 6=△:08 am, the year was 98 years old. Zhou Xin has a professor is a famous Chinese medicine family, TCM educator…▽-▽, Gansu Provinces first Chinese medicine, first, the second batch of national old Chinese medicine experts academic experience inheritance work=▪▽▽, 2017 was rated as the 3rd National Medicine Master, is The first national doctor in Gansu Province. Zhou Xin has more than 70 years of medical obeys, the virtue is highly expected, the medical skills, the rigorous treatment◆◁◆, and the profoundness is deep△■▪☆, and it has made an excellent contribution to the traditional Chinese medicin.

Source: Voice of China [Zhang Haidi: Calling for the education of severe disabled children to make it better into the society] National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Chairman Zhang Haidi○▼, Chairman of China Disabled Persheriff==◁•, to make people with disabilities to learn, especially for severe disabled children “Send a teaching door”★-○•. To create opportunities and conditions for it, people with disabilities are better integrated into society-○▲△. She believes that this is the responsibility of my countrys relevant workers should be committed, and it is also the whole society. (Yangguang reporter Zhu Min, trainee reporter Guo Ming) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Jian◆▼?

Original title: Two “70” after Beijing is proposed to promote casein protein powder industry uses bovine hydrolysed gelatine chicken sternal cartlidge type ii collagen supplements! Source: Beijing Daily Written Wu Hui Yesterday, the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee issued a public announcement: Haidian District Deputy Director, Secretary of the Secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau=★••, Zheng Haoyang, a member of the Municipal Public Security Bureau; Shunyi District Committee Standing Committee, Deputy Director of the District General, the Director of the Beijing Endending Economic Core Management Committee (and) the first army to discuss the deputy secretary of the District Committee. Id: POLITICALINSIDE Note that both are “70”. Zheng Haiyang is currently the deputy director of the Peoples Government of Haidian District■☆, Beijing▽…▪, and the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau☆◇, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, a member of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, 48 years old (born in April 1970)▪•□, Han, Jiangsu Yancheng★●▽, 19.Contacts,