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[wheat flour white industrial 9 protein bleached enriched]Original title: Observation Foreign Media□◇▼★: BRIC Summit today, five countries “shake hands into this box” in this issue◇▷▪! According to foreign media reports, Brazil■▷◇, Russia◁○▪, India, China, and South Africas leaders will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 25 to 27. Foreign media publication, the brick country will unite to deal with protectionism●▼•. Japans “Sell News◆☆” July 24th published articles on the “BRIC Summit will show the unity▪◇▽” of the five BRIC countries, China has an overwhelming economy, preparing to appeal to “anti-protectionism▼□◁” and “maintenance International order, showing the unity of BRIC countries. ▲ On July 24, President Xi Jinping held talks in Pretoria with President President Lamasa△=. (Xinhua News Agency) Article said, “Peoples Daily” on the 18t.

Liu He resume Liu He□◇●…, male-▽○…, Han nationality, born in 1952, Changli, Hebei, participated in the work in April 1969, joined the Communist Party of China in December 1976☆•, China University of Renmin University=•▽▼, graduate, graduate degree▽◁★, economy Learning, masters degree=▪◇, researcher, professor. He is currently the director of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the 19th Central Committee●……, deputy prime minister of the State Council, member of the party group△◁◁, and the office of the Central Financial Leading Group◇•□•. 1969 – 1970 Jilin Province=▲, Toufang Commune Jeans, Chiqing, 1970-1973, PLA▽-, 38th Army, one-one-teacher, high gun, five seven battalion, two-year warrior▼-▽, deputy squad leader 1973- 1979 Beijing radio factory workers△▼, group committee officers , Secretary, 1979-1983, Renmin University of Chi.

Original title: Qin City Prison 2 ☆-▷□”Tiger○○-□” plans to reduce punishment, one person in June or released the news of the Human Provincial Department of Prison in the end of June or released the horses. Recently★☆, the Beijing Court Trial Information Network released the first middle school of Beijing, the original vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, the original Vice Governor Ni Feike, asked the case of the case of the case. The childs name is modest in December 2013, and in August 2014, he was sentenced to five years in prison•□=. Ni Hako was in June 2013▪=-, in February 2015◁▪◇-, the crime of accepting bribes, the huge amount of property is not guilty, and it is sentenced to 17 years in prison. After the sentence, 2 people were detained in Qincheng prison to serve. On March 27 this year◁◆▷, Qincheng prison has put forward the commutation suggestions for 2 people. Qincheng prison has obtained two prisons to renovate the active molecular reward for the childrens nam▽…▼★.

Original title: “The Municipal Party Committee held the citys leading cadre conference, announced that the provincial party committee decided◆◁: Huang Xizhong, secretary of Guo Feng◇○, was nominated to the mayors candidate recently▼☆◆○, Qingyuan City held the citys leading cadres. At the citys leading cadre conference, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Organization Minister Zou Ming read the provincial party committee decided. Zou Ming, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee▼▪△, attended the meeting and announced the decision of the provincial party committee: Guo Fengs secretary of the Qingyuan Municipal Party Committee…-▪-, nominted the candidate of the Director of the Standing Committee of the Qingyuan City●▼▷-, no longer served as mayor. Comrade Ge Wei Wei no longer serves as the Director of the Secretary of the Qingyuan Municipal Party Committee, member of the Standing Committee, and the Director of the Qingyuan Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee. Comrade Huang Xizhong Ren Qingyuan Municipal Committee Committee, deputy secretary of the Standing Committee and Municipal Party Committee, nominated to Qingyuan Mayors candidate. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, organizational Minister Zou Ming read the decision of the provincial party committee. Zou Ming pointed out that Qingyuan is connected to the Pearl River Delta a. hydrolyzed pig collagen hydrolyzed marine collagenContacts.

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