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[collagen chicken type ii]Original title: Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area will be the first batch of tourists after tomorrow=▪…, the official answer△-, “Saving and live travel■□” March 8, because the earthquake closed 7 months of Jiuzhaigou scenic spots will once again usher in her guest. A week ago, the Office of the Leading Group Office of the Apa Prefecture Tourism Industry Development in Sichuan Province was announced that Jiuzhaigou Duo Guo Jiran Waterfall to the Sea, Zhavous Temple and the mirror Sea of ​​the Tagan will be open to tourists. Among them, the landscape of the sea, the colorful pool, the mirror sea★•▼, the Nortimen Waterfall, the tree is the sea, Shuanglonghai Waterfall••□, Zha Temple is in principle for walking tour area. On March 7, the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Park. This article is the picture of the journalist Jiang Tsunami. As of 5, on March 7, the real-time ticket purchase information of Aba Tourism Network showed that Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area has sold 632 tickets=■○, 9 days sold 5○◆◆!

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Chen Hang) In June, Beijing will hold the “shared great glory to create a revival-■☆” theme of Beijing History publicity•△☆◆, in-depth excavation of History Connotation•…, excavate “one city three belts “Cultural connotation◆△, prepare the” Northern Dahong Building and the Chinese Communist Party Create History Series =◁▼★”,” China Communist Party Beijing Dafford (2020) “-▪•” The Story of Beijing Old Town ◁◆”▼•○” The Story of Beijing Xishan Yongding River “and other books. This is the reporter from “100th Anniversary of Beijing Celebrating the Participation of the Communist Party of China” in Beijing – Partys historical place□▽▪◇. Launched the “Beijing Party History” Baiju Class Conference, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee▪◇▼, City Pla Gelatin wholesale, Organic Liquid collagen!

[Wind + lightning vitamin c collagen injection bovine collagen peptides benefits==□… powder halal food grade gelatin! Shanghai has just released the “Shuanghuang” warning] # 天气 预 # # Shanghai Center Meteorological Observatory 2018 On 20○■•:37 points from 20==□:37, the big wind yellow warning signal: affected by strong Thunder cloud group▷□, expect to appear in most parts of the city in the next 4 hours 7-9 horizon in the northwest wind☆▲, please strengthen prevention-■▪▲. The yellow warning of the previously released lightning is still not released•■, and the current double-yellow warning is high. Editor in charge◁△☆: Liu Guang.