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Pure collagen.[twinlab chicken sternum collagen type ii]Original title△◆☆▲: The beauty shoots take the initiative to take the 3-day line and close the △◇▲”Campus” Channel New Beijing News China New Beijing News (Reporter Chen Weicheng) June 2, the founder of Meitu Company and CEO Wu Xinhong public issuance title “active The apology of the Qinglang Network “, called” The beauty shot has the content and phenomenon of the socialist core values ​​”●▽•□, and decided to start the day, take the initiative to stop using the popular channel content for 30 days, live broadcast channel content Stop Update 15 days★▼■▲, Android and iOS app stored 30 days, off the line and close the beautiful shoot “Campus” channel. The founder of Meitu Company and CEO Wu Xinhong said that it is necessary to apologize for “content and phenomena that do not meet the socialist core values▪…•”. I deeply realize that children and teenagers are the future of the country. In order to give n.

Original title: The first female general of the Rocket, as a member of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference The first female general of the National Peoples Congresss representative of the National Peoples Congress – Li Xianyu◆•, which was elected a member of the National Committee of China. View journalists noticed that she is in the Korean family in a minority industry. Li Xianyu▪◆▷, born in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, is not only a provincial high school entrance examination, but also a national scientific and technological progress special award. Nowadays, the director of the Institute of Rocket Army, missile expert. Li Xianyu said that her honor and so on did not have publicly reported that Li Xianyu, who was born in 1964•●●◇, is a Korean family•■◁, and won the Heilongjiang college entrance examination in 198.

The original title of Kola Tunnel Project in Gansu Province: The Ministry of Transport is sent to the supervision group, and the □☆”Gansu Folding Highway Rectification” site supervises the “Ministry of Transport” WeChat boutique April 2 news▽-, April 2…○•, for the media The report of the Qika tunnel project of Gansu Province, the Ministry of Transport, sent a special supervision team to Gansu Province to rectify the quality and work style of the report on the report and on-site supervision of subsequent disposal work•…■. On April 1, the CCTV reported that the quality of Cantaha tunnel project in Gansu Province◆★◇, the relevant units and department personnel were untrue…◁■, and the work was pushed. The Ministry of Transport attaches great importance to it, emphasizing the “zero-capacity◇▽★•” attitude, serious disposal of the quality problems and work style issues mentioned in the report, and it is never palliative▪◁. wi.