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[wheat protein global industry]Chinas new network reported that the foreign media reported that the local time of 27th●▷☆, the seventh country group (G7) Foreign Minister issued a statement◇◆◇, calling on Belarus to …◁□”immediately unconditionally” release the previously arrested white opposition reporter Roman Prosesevic▲□□. The Foreign Minister of the Seventh Group (G7) said in a statement that the arrest of the Belarus is strongly condemned, saying that this action has jeopardized the safety of passengers and crew members of the flight•▽. This is also a serious attack on civil aviation management rules◇▽▼. Declaration requires immediate unconditional release Raman Pratavich and ○▪◇”All other journalists and political prisoners in Belarus”. March 23★★▼▲, March 23□=, Belarus, Rare, Irela.

Original title: Shandong Talent New Deviation▪◇○: The worlds top 20 college doctoral students come to Shandongs highest award 300,000 implementation ▼▽▷”Enterprise Dr. (after) Gathering Plan”, significantly expand the scale of ☆=▲△”Search of Non-education system public countries in Shandong Province •△=.◇…□.. Young talents are promoting talents and provincial strategies, implementing the new old kinetic energy conversion major projects, recently, Shandong Provincial Human Resources Social Security Department will have issued a number of measures to support young people in Shandong Province, the provincial financial department▽☆, and the provincial finance department “(Next is referred to as■▷” measures -△”), 14 specific measures have been developed around the introduction of young talents to Lu, young people, innovation, entrepreneurial capacity, and encourage protection, encourage young people to make a reasonable flow, etc.,” dry goods is full “●☆★. According to the person in charge of the Talent Development Department of the Provincial Peoples Society•◁, this is the first in our provinc.

Original title●•◇: Wang Jun, Director of the State Administration of Taxation◁○: On April 1▽…, the “Up to Run” Director Wang Jun, the Director of the State Administration of Taxation, said in the ministerial channel, from April 1, the State Administration of Taxation promised a list The toll-off matters will all achieve the “up to one” and online full office…▷•; from August 1st■◁▼▲, the national taxation hall can handle all tax business at the same time. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Huo ?

Original title: The Chinese governments transparency index report released Guizhous first provincial governments first Beijing News (Reporter Shaob) On March 22, the Law Index Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences issued ■▷◆○”China Government Transparency Index Report ( 2017) ▼★○”The report is based on government website information disclosure▼□◇. The results show that Guizhou Province◇…■▲, Sichuan Province, Beijing is in the forefront of the provincial government; the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology□▪■, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the Ministry of Commerce, in the forefront of the State Council. The 2017 evaluation target includes 54 national departments, 31 provincial governments, 49 larger municipal governments, and 100 county governments. The 100 county-level governments selected for the “State Councils Office on Printing and Distributing the Conduct of Grassroots Government Open Standardizatio!

Original title●•●△: [Round Dream …☆”Bar Tie▷▽□▼” Sacrifice 2] “We must protect Chinas Ama and Brothers” Hunan Daily · Huasheng Online Lahore March 31 (Reporter Xu Yaping correspondent Jiang Weiwei, “We must protect China Ama and Brothers “▷▼” Ama•○■▷, Ama Ma china edible gelatin sheet kosher collagen peptides fish gelatin manufacturer! “Islamabad Time On March 30, Pakistan La Her City police Majid saw China Aid Baizi Tianmao, the Bayui…=, and excitedly. call•-△▼. Didnt wait for the Tiantu Cui to react, the police SHAFIQ next to him also shouted: “Ama, Ama, let me hug you protein industries canada supercluster funding□●◇●!” The two of them were deeply embraced to Tianmao▽■-★, and then played Selfie. Tian Mao Cui came from Jiangsu Lianyunport, which is the “China Aid Brere□★☆•” and the Hunan Daily Department and other organization!Pure collagen!