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[industrial importance of proteins]Original title: Vaccine fake events and three bribery cases come over, Changchun Changsheng biological vaccine fake events are continuously fermented in the public▼◁. On July 22, the peoples daily clients issued “▷★” King of Vaccine “■○•, the safety of the safety, the responsibility of the people, the pain of the people, the article Question: How can the longevity creature can◁•▽” post-labor people “, get the market monopoly nature vaccine Production qualification▪△▼○, form an absolute advantage in the industry in a short time…▲? It is to know that in accordance with the “Regulations on the Administration of Vaccine Circulation and Incoitation”○◁■, the vaccine has been developed to the clinical to last listed sales, and the strict batch issuance system is to be implemented, which makes the rapid birth of the long life. The article also questioned: •◆○”There must be a demon abnormally,” so many questions are difficult to find in the “compliance management” level. What is it reflected?

Original title: The △▷△”investigation artifact” belled in these cadres●◆□, so that Shanghai Universitys survey has a trace of large-scale research, and more and more leading cadres will enter the grassroots and ask questions▲○. However, Xiao Yang recently found that Yangpu, Huangpus cadres went to the grassroots survey to visit, actually did not bring this notebook, do not bring a notebook how to invest? It turned out that these cadres carry the latest •▪=△”investigation artifact☆…” “I am in the first line of Yangpu Research•☆…” data platform data platform integrated mobile phone app ◆◆☆▽”Yangpu University investigation” and computer client, let all the organs bring mobile phone to home, each Sub-research★●-, each issue is handled, each suggestion is on-site real-time record, and the cloud can be checked in real time□▷★☆, and it has promoted the research and saves time and human cost. Background and “12.

Original title◁◇: Online processing, non-menstruation○▲○, motor vehicle traffic violation business officially opened the Beijing News News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) reporter learned from the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau Open◁△△▪. The vehicle driver can handle a fine of a fine of 200 yuan and below, and the cumulative score is less than 12 points○◆…★. Single illegal penalty is not more than 200 yuan△=★☆, the cumulative score is less than 12 points online handling illegal record Beijing Traffic Management Department said, relying on the Ministry of Public Security Internet Traffic Management Integrated Service Platform, now officially opened the driver and non-menacked motor vehicle self-help binding business Driver☆◇▷☆, all people of the vehicle can log in to the “traffic control 12123○□-▷” mobile app, by filling out the information, uploading photos, verifying the pho.

Original title: What issues have been discussed in China Dynasties during China? China responded [Global Network News Reporter Zhao Yanlong] June 20, 2018, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson hosted a routine reporter meeting★▷▼△, and there were reporters asked-○◆■: North Korean leaders Jin Zheng En believes to leave Beijing△•. What activities have you been in Beijing today? Meet which official held? Can you formal confirm that he has left Beijing○▷? Required, if you read the news we sent yesterday, we said that June 19th to 20th, Jin Jongne Committee visited China=◁. As for important activities during access, we will post messages in time. There is a reporter asked, another question about North Korea, can you tell us that the two people discussed in the DPRK in China during the visit to China☆…?

China News Service Seoul on May 27 (Reporter Liu Xu) According to the preliminary statistics of Korean New Crown vaccine vaccination■•, as of 27■▼:00 local time The vaccination has a single highest record since the vaccination. One day▪★, the Korean State Prime Minister Jin Fuqian presided over the Conference of the Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures, issued a plan to support vaccination vaccination to restore their daily lives. According to the plan, the first vaccination can be exempted from the 8 people of the family members of the family, and the outdoor space in the park will not be smashed in the park, which can be used to accumulate facilities or participate in religious activities in Jul▪◆! what is bovine collagen peptide gelatin capsule size chart Pure collagen.

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