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[transgenic plants a production system for industrial and pharmaceutical proteins]Guangzhou Daily News (Full Media Reporter Du Juan) “Notice on Strengthening Environmental Management of High Pollution Fuel Boys◆◇” has been officially issued by the Municipal Office of the Office…★▷, and the citys city is “banned zone◆◁▲”, forbidden sales, use High pollution fuel. In order to further improve the air quality•◆◁, Guangzhous “banned zone” in Guangzhou has been expanding. According to the ▼○■◆”Notice”○▲…, the Group III fuel combination in the “High Pollution Fuel Catalog▼○□□” promulgated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection is as a high-pollution fuel category in the banned zone. According to the strict control, the Environmental Protection Department divides the combination of fuel combinations from the banned zone into Class I (general)▽▼▪, class II (strict) and III (strict). Guangzhou chose the most stringent control method▲★△□, high pollution fuels for use within the city include: coal and its products•○; oil coke▪••○, oil shale◆▼, crude oil▷•△□, heavy oil, resid!

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 58 Group CEO Yao Jinbo: It is recommended to standardize the rental market to ensure that the ◇■”Rent” has a new Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiaolan) The first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress will be on March 5▷▽. Opened in Beijing☆○★◆. The National Peoples Congress representative▼◇■, 58 Group CEO Yao Jinwei•■◁, submitted the “Regulation of the Rental Market and Guarantee■▽” Remittance “. Yao Jinbo analysis, the 19th National Report proposed ◆▽”Let the People living” housing security objectives, give the goal of “Accelerating the establishment of multi-subject supply, multi-channel security, rent-buying housing system”, fully display The state has to accelerate the development of the rental market, improve the lease market policy environment, and let the people live in the determination and will of life. Released from 20 protein a chromatography column industrial scale!

Original title British Media: Shanghai Hotel is a tricks of the indoor air than the room 10 times the reference news network on March 28=▼▷, the new media said that the newly opened Condi hotel appearance is luxurious, it seems to have no other high-end hotels in Shanghai. Different▷•★…, there is a pool, huge ballroom and a high-end spa in the hotel□■■★. However, it is most proud of having a very rare in Chinas big cities: clean indoor air. According to the British -○•-“Guardian” website reported on March 27, thousands of hotels in this super big city were not high◁■■•, which means that in order to attract customers, the hotel needs to provide more luxurious while reducing prices△-◆. special service. In PM2▪▽-.5, it is often more than such a city in Beijing, and this luxury hotel has come to a new idea○☆◁□. Report th high protein vegan protein bar industry▼◆▪ olly gelatin!Pectin manufacturer gelatin production,