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[gealtin]On May 27th, the Hong Kong SAR Government Association=▼▲△, the Hong Kong Civil Service Trade Union, the National Administration of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong SAR Government Corporate Corporation-•, the joint statement fully supported the “Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill”◆▷. According to the statement○◁☆▼, the Confirmation will be welcomed and supported through the ▷○☆”Jade Election System (Comprehensive Revision) Bill•▲•” (hereinafter referred to as ◇○▼”draft”)▽□=. The “draft” adopted, the central governments major decisions on the improvement of the Hong Kong election system landed in Hong Kong, marking a new electoral system in accordance with the actual situation of Hong Kong, in order to fully implement the “Patriot Governo.

Original title: The procuratorial organs are permanent, Luo Fuxi▷★◁▽, and Sun Yanjun mentioned that the Tianjin procuratorial organs were permanent suspected of accepting bribes■•△, abuse their powers◆◁■△, and corruption, and the first party committee, director of the Tianjin Geological Mineral Exploration and Development. Permanent (Zhengshi) is suspected of accepting bribes▷=-△, abusing the sin of authority, and is a case of corruption. The Tianjin Municipal Peoples Procuratorate shall be given a public prosecution from the First Intermediate Peoples Court of Tianjin▽★△. The procuratorate informed the defendants permanent litigation rights in the review of the prosecution●▷, and asked the defendant to permanently and listened to his opinion. The first branch of the Tianjin Peoples Procuratorate=◁★◇: 2004 to 2017•▼, the defendant permanently used the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Management Committ.

Original title=▼: The Civil Engineer Contract Code may be a “private lending▽▷••” session, the representative committees discipline recorded that the current △◇”contract law” is more thin, rough■=, and it is necessary to develop the “Civil Engineer Contract” opportunity to set up “Folk Borrowing” session. For a long time●-=▪, by the factors such as social tradition, ideological concepts, “folk lending” has been insufficient relative to “financial loans”, and there is a △▷”gray zone…△”. But in fact, folk borrowing has a deep social foundation and historical origin in my country★•▪. It is increasingly active with its convenience•□◆◆, low threshold, flexible lending, and expensive, effectively to mitigate social financing needs▪△▲. With the continuous expansion of private lending and the increasingness of problems, the private lending disputes have poured into the cour.