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[super collagen]China New Jingwei Client May 27 (Xiongjia Li) Since June, a group of new regulations will be implemented. Marriage registration -•◆”cross-provincial unite□=▲”, Zhejiang, Chongqing will carry out a special commercial pension insurance pilot, there are 20 cities that can register small non-operating second-hand vehicles, and the upper limit of the copyright legal compensation is increased to 5 million yuan. In addition, Beijing adjusts the purchase of second-hand housing to extract the provident fund conditions, Shanghai supports the conditions for establishing securities▪▷, fund management agencies, Tianjin rental=▪, and Jiangsu requires the funeral service unit•★▷, which is not properly price behavior … Is your life impact? National new regulations marriage certificate■▽○. China New Jingwei Dong Wen-•▽.

Original title: National Peoples Congress◆☆, Zhangjiakou Mayor Wu Weidong responded to Winter Olympics preparation○★…■: the core “three villages” officially started the cover news reporter Zhang Xiling on March 8th△▷▽●, in the 13th National Peoples Congress◆▽, a meeting, Hebei delegation On the opening day, the National Peoples Congress★◇, the mayor of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei, revealed that Beijing and Zhangjiakou jointly held the 2022 Winter Olympics a historical mission and important opportunity of Hebei. About the preparation of the Winter Olympics has been developed, the core “three villages” officially started in May▼▷▷●. Wu Wei Dong said that during the preparation period of the Winter Olympics, we adhere to the scientific planning, intensive and save arrangements, adhere to the ecological priority, adjust the population scale, urban scale•◁○, and tourism scale of the Olympic Games□■▷. Finely identify the competition, venues■◁•△, projects◇◁▪○, not greed, do not palatabl.

Original title▲•☆: 2018 National Two Sessions•○▽, Henan High Court▷☆, Hu Da-■: Judge Handling Case is to grab the tribut▲△…, it is recommended to revise the construction of the Judicial Court (Reporter Chen Peng) Today (March 10th), in ten At the plenum of the 3rd National Peoples Congress, at the plenary meeting□◇▷, I talked about the phenomenon of the judge to ★▼▽”struggle to fight the game”, the National Peoples Congress, the Henan Provincial Senior Peoples Court, Hu Daji, the Supreme Court and the National Development and Reform Commission to be revised Trial court construction standards to meet the needs of judges. ○◆◁◁”Current Trial Tribunal Construction Standard is the 2010 National Development and Reform Commission and the Supreme Peoples Court, in accordance with the number of trials in the year, these years have increased dramatically, especially in central and eastern region, have serious insufficient problems▲▼★, suggestio.

Original title◇●: Local Governments perfunctory reform environment problem For long time, there is no need for Jiangxi Ruijin Wannie Qing Cement Co.▼◁◆△, Ltd. Environmental issues to pay attention to corporate environmental problems, the rectification of the company is not in place■○★◆, and the government is perfunctory★■=-, avoiding the problem○=▲, and does not implement the health protection distance within the distance. On June 7, the website of Jiangxi Provincial Peoples Government released the ●◁▷”Notification on the Investigation of Environmental Problems in Jiangxi Ruijin Wannual Cement Co.□☆◁▼, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as…★▽” notification “) and put forward rectification requirements. In 2016, the problem of frequent complaints frequently complained during the inspector ◇•”look back” this year◁•■, this year. Environmentally rectification is not in place, enterprises have been complained▷◇-…. …▷▽”Hello, here is the central environmental protection inspection team☆▷. What is your situation needs to be reflected?” “I want to complain to Jiangxi Ruijin Wan Yongqi◁◇●! industrial protein production protein sources for the animal feed industry fish collagen wholesale – hal getin for cake.

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